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  Everlasting Omnipresent Peace


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Everlasting Omnipresent Peace is an offering to our Supreme Being. It is herein referred to as "You". This Supreme Being pervades and transcends all designations such as race, creed, color, nationality, caste, religion, or species of life; and so do we.

We cannot hear it enough. We are not the material body. We belong to no designation. That is the crux of the problem. In our ignorance of self, we identify with some particular designation. There is only One Supreme Being. It is Supreme Consciousness or Spirit, the basis of all consciousness or spirit.

Our Supreme Being, the Most High and the Greatest, is unborn, undying, all knowing, and is the Sustainer of all. It is to this Supreme Being, and to no other, that this offering of Everlasting Omnipresent Peace is being made. 

 Let this be absolutely clear. We must change the way we see the self. As long as we identify as being a body, mind, intellect, ego, a particular designation, we are not a part of the solution.

The beginning of the solution for us as individuals is to change the way we have been taught, by the forces of ignorance, to see the Self. The Real Self must be resurrected if we are to ever know and experience fulfillment and Eternal Peace, here and now. It is not enough to believe in the Self. We must know the Self in Spirit and in Truth.

 Everlasting Omnipresent asserts unequivocally and repeatedly that the self is not limited to physical, mental, intellectual, egotistical, or some other designation. The self is spirit or consciousness, in quality one with Supreme Spirit or Consciousness.

By purification of our Pineal gland and awareness, through meditating on You, we gradually realize You. The Divine Force which pervades and transcends gravity, other gross and subtle vibrations, and the infinite stillness of being throughout the universe is You. The ultimate goal, shelter, and true salvation of our life is You, our Supreme Being. 

Constant remembrance of You, through meditating on You, revives us to our original complete awareness, the state of Infinite Truth, Righteousness, Love and Peace. This Kingdom is not confined to the material world. It is of the Indestructible, Eternal, Spiritual World.

This Spiritual world, is at hand, here, now, just as is the temporary material world. They are parallel worlds, if you will. One, the material world, is temporary, full of ignorance and suffering. The other, the Spiritual World, is Eternal, Full of Unlimited Knowledge and Bliss. It can be experienced as ones original nature. Always thinking of You is the beginning of entering this Eternal Kingdom.

You are the resolution, the light of the Sun, the root, ground, and nourishment of the creation. We water the roots of the tree of life with praise and thanksgiving to You. By concentrating all of our efforts on You, we water the roots of Your creation. All praise be to You. When the roots are properly watered, under the light of the Sun, the whole tree benefits. Always thinking of You is the resolution of our problems.

All that we do, all that we offer, all that we give away is a submission to You. This is the message and spiritual practice of everlastingomnipresent Our goal is to praise and thank You, our Supreme Being, with these humble, irregularly composed, offerings of praise and thanksgiving for the soul's salvation.

Our Word is a work in continuous process. It is an offering to You. You are our Most Perfect Being, our Supreme Being, the Source of Freedom, Truth, Righteousness, Love, and Peace. Assuredly, You are the Greatest and Most Indomitable Spirit who lives within all. All praise is due to You alone.

Our Word contains revelations of the aims, methods, and process of an ancient spiritualization process which frees our lower consciousness from Maya,Your illusory energy and all its self-destructive ramifications. This ancient knowledge erects and expands the consciousness of those of us who apply it. This is crucial if we are to be victorious in the struggle to remain free and progressive in making a better life for ourselves.

As we associate with Our Word, ever increasing good conscience reveals itself. Gradually, we sober up to our original nature of blissful Pure Consciousness. This occurs as the consciousness is purified and raised beyond all self-destructive tendencies.

Submission of all we think, will, feel, say, and do to You is the major tool used for our liberation from Maya Your illusory energy, Maya. This loving, devotional submission of all to You is association with You, the most pure. We are cleansed of impurity of consciousness by virtue of Your Righteous and Mighty Association.

In this freedom regaining process, confidence in Self is totally restored as we reclaim our original wealth: Our History, Spirituality, Health and our egoless, selfless pride. As this occurs, we transcend self-destructive behavior, and the illusion of old age, disease, and death, while simultaneously we regain no age, wellness, and eternal life, our original position of wholeness.

As we engage in the spiritual development practices recommended here in Our Word, we can certainly realize how this knowledge and practice cleanses illusory material identification as body, mind, intellect, or ego from all levels of our consciousness. 

Thus, we learn to master our lower selves with our Higher Self by practicing the spiritual development techniques offered as Our Word. With mastery of self comes all the mastery we need to triumph over desire and the illusory worlds, Maya.

One can surely experience the existence of ever higher states of freedom and consciousness within and as oneself. One experiences this evidence to be demonstrably true, after applying the scientific spiritual practices articulated at

You are this Indivisible, Undifferentiated Supreme Absolute who pervades and transcends territorial and exterestrial life. None is likened unto You. None can be compared to You. Verily, You speak to us in many ways, especially in the Stillness of Outer and Inner Silence. Who can be compared to You, the Indivisible, Undifferentiated, Supreme Absolute? 

 Assuredly, Our Word rescues us from Maya, the temporary life of ignorance, disease, self-underdevelopment, and unlimited spiritual, intellectual, mental, and physical suffering. Gradually, by practicing the teachings of Our Word, we clean off Maya, develop into our most righteous self, do good, and continue to purify our consciousness. Gradually we realize, here and now, our eternal life of the unlimited, tranquil bliss of Silence.

Our Word is Contemplation, Concentration, and Meditation. It articulates various meditational tools which sober, purify, expand and develop lower consciousness back into its original Supreme Condition of Eternal, Joyous, Ecstatic, Pure Consciousness, full of Unlimited Comprehension and Wellness. 

The Spiritual Philosophy of Our Word is based, first and foremost, on the principle that we are not the products of temporary material nature. We are spirit, everlasting, and omnipresent.


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Everlasting Omnipresent Peace

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