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  You, Supreme consciousness, are the source of energy and intelligence because You are the source of silence. All thought begins from silence, and all, other than You, have their origin in thought. We thank You over and over again for teaching us how to always think of You. 

  You, Supreme consciousness, are the source of energy and intelligence because You are the source of silence. All thought begins from silence, and all, other than You, have their origin in thought. We thank You over and over again for teaching us how to always think of You.

You are the Supreme Love of the Worlds. Our road map to reunion with You. Our self purification process in this present moment, is association with You. This consists of chanting Your names and glories, submitting all we think, feel, will, say and do to You; keeping the tip of the tongue at the soft spot at the back of the roof of the mouth; looking out from the Pineal gland at our closed eye lids, and being ever conscious of the ?Sound? of Your silence.

You are the One without a second who is the Source of all light - black, white, rainbow; the Never Fallen One, our Greatest Good. You are the Most High, Ever Complete One, Most Righteous; Supreme, Spiritual Being, the Most Praise Worthy who art the Absolute Indivisible Unity which pervades and transcends all. Supreme Being of all nature, throughout the Cosmic Manifestation, You are the One Source of all Polytheism, Atheism, Theism, and Monotheism.

Our Omnipresent, Omniscient, Eternal, Supreme Being of numerous names and no name at all, Welcome to Everlasting Omnipresent Peace. We are making a Positive difference in our lives by Chanting Your names, praising You, and submitting all to You; in the process, we are offering a very ancient, yet very new, Education and Edification of Self and others.

This very ancient, yet brand new, reality is for the maximum welfare, the greatest edification, of all Sentient Beings. Thank You for leading us and teaching us, by word and example, this ancient and well worn path to the perfection of Spiritual, intellectual, mental, and physical Emancipation.

Reawakening to True Awakening, conscious union with You, is this revolutionary knowledge that is presented to us. It is a quiet, nonviolent revolution in the consciousness, intellect, and mind of those who are materially satiated. Those at this level of consciousness instinctively feel that there must be a better way of life than the futile quest to fulfill insatiable desires for sense gratification.

The more we are in union with You, the more we are in union with ourselves, and each other. A house united within itself stands. So, by teaching us how to save ourselves, by unfolding our original Love, which is You, passes on to us an ancient method of freeing ourselves from slavery to the insatiable demands of the senses. This freedom is conscious reunion with You, the Source of all that has been, will be, and is.

You, our Supreme Being, pervade and transcend all the worlds of which You and You alone are the creator, maintainer, and annihilator. You are Pure Spirit/Consciousness, the Most Righteous, the Most High, the Most Kind, the Most Compassionate; the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful, and the Most Beneficial for all worlds.

Surely, You are the Source of the Best Understanding, all Good Fortune, Happiness, Security, and the Greatest Love. Thank You for allowing us to associate with You by always thinking of You. Thank You for helping us awaken to the true consciousness of the Self as Eternal, Infinite Spirit, beyond all designations. Thank You, evermore, for keeping us on Your path of Truth, Righteous, Love, and Peace.

The external material world is temporary and full of suffering. It is Maya. The internal world is eternal, full of comprehension and bliss. It is our Source, our Home. As we understand Maya, the self as Spirit, reincarnation, the Law of Karma, and how they work, we will understand, in the final analysis, all is You. There is only You pervading and transcending all. As we understand and experience this fact, we will realize here, at Home, at Peace as Peace.

Conscious souls know, a palace, wealth, or good physical health does not guarantee freedom from suffering. Peace, True Peace, is our natural state. It is transcendental, Divine, eternally free from suffering, and always here for everyone. Regardless of their status or designation in the universe, it is You and You alone who are the source of health, the breath of life and consciousness for all.

Everlasting Omnipresent Peace is experienced as we detach from the material world, see the self as spirit, and engage in the process of cleaning our Pineal gland and consciousness. This high spiritual cultivation is done by always thinking of You, our Supreme Being. As our consciousness is purified by virtue of Your association, our very vibration contributes to the edification of the universe.

Thank You for showing us how to remove the veil of ignorance and selfishness from our consciousness by always thinking of You. Now, through direct experience, we are living evermore in our original state of Eternal, Omnipresent, Peace, the One Quintessential Truth. Thank You evermore for inspiring us to seek Truth relentlessly and be of ever better service to the universe by always improving our service to You.

This Site is dedicated to our ancestors, our Mother, Father, our children, our descendents, and it is ultimately an offering to You, our Supreme Being. You are our ultimate Ancestor, Mother, Father, Children, and Descendents. May our love and service for You be evermore steadfast, unselfish, and pure. In this way, may we be totally devoted to You, the Most Kind, and in so doing may we give our very best to Mother, Father, Siblings, Children, and Descendents.

Mother inspired us to trust You, read and to help ourselves. Father encouraged us to think, listen to Jazz, study our History, and clean our "Heart/spirit." Kindness, goodness, and mercy follow a clean heart and right spirit.

Our children and our descendents inspire us to strive relentlessly to leave them the best knowledge of Self. This produces for them and their descendents the very best reality, the highest quality of life, the reality of Oneness with You.

You, the Unconditional and Absolute Love, are always inspiring us to do what is right and beneficial for all. You are the greatest force that keeps us stable.

We are stable, concentric, and at Peace to the degree we are in remembrance of You. Thank You for showing us the way to eternal joy and peace by calling out Your name and offering You everything, thus remembering You.

We know, from Sages, Saints, Prophets, Scriptures, and personal experience, that it is due to the cleanliness of our consciousness and the decalcification of our Pineal gland that we can follow Your righteous guidance.

The Pineal gland must be decalcified and the consciousness must be cleansed, cultivated, and developed for the soul to realize its original eternal peace, its maximum potential.

You pervade and transcend the supernatural and the superstitious. For all righteous guidance given by You to us, please accept our heart felt homage and service. Through our offerings to You, may we give the most beneficial service to all sentient beings.

A cultivated knower of Self will never accept an inferior position, psychological or otherwise, to a less cultivated individual, place, or thing. Those with the greatest and best knowledge of Self, in Truth and practice, are the most cultivated.

We cultivate our consciousness from that of a brute to that of a human and from human to Divine by engaging in a spiritual practice that refines our consciousness by cleansing the Pineal gland. Consciousness of the Supreme Awareness by the transcendental loving service of praising and thanking You in everything we think, feel, will, say, and do is our method of cleansing the Pineal gland. By serving You, we serve all.

Leaving our children and decendents with a Superior knowledge of Self, we bequeath them a an eternally strong position: One mindedness, fixed intelligence, on You alone. This position is conducive to victory over those forces that want to invade their mind and make them think that they do not matter. Gradually they are empowered to see with equal vision. They feel neither inferior nor superior to any sentient being. They see and serve Supreme Being in all. 

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Stock Photo - painting depicting the scene in Bhagavad gita where Lord Krishna enters the battle field with Arjuna. Also called rathakalpana

painting depicting the scene in Bhagavad gita where Lord Krishna enters the battle field with Arjuna. Also called rathakalpana

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13th August 2014

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