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  Everlasting Omnipresent Peace


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If we are to be truly united and free, we must overcome ignorance of Self and be free of designations. The Spiritual Science spoken of throughout Our Word is not about spookism or phantasmagoria. It is about being the Eternal Silence again by listening to, associating with, the Silence Itself.

True Spirituality is about designation free, Infinite Consciousness or Pure Awareness and its relationship with the Pineal Gland. Purification of the Pineal Gland cleanses the consciousness. 

As the Pineal gland and consciousness are purified, Self is experienced as Awareness, and You are increasingly seen and experienced as the Supreme Awareness of all. Thus, we transcend all superficial differences and realize You, the Spiritual Quintessence and the Ultimate Goal of all Religions and Spiritual traditions.

As the Pineal gland is purified, there is raising and strengthening of moral and ethical values; above all, there is the experience of You as the Eternal Source, the Innermost and Outer Most Reality, the Supreme Unity pervading and transcending the vast and variegated energy throughout the Cosmic Manifestation.

We are encouraged to always think of You, to praise You thoroughly and submit all to You; to seek first Your Kingdom and Your Righteousness. In this way the Pineal Gland is purified, our consciousness is cleansed of ignorance, and we are reestablished in our original, constitutional position of conscious, union with You.

The source of our discomforts in life is ignorance of our true identity. It consists of identifying the eternal spiritual Self to be the temporary material body, mind, intellect, or ego. As the Pineal Gland is purified and the consciousness is cleansed, by constant remembrance of You, one experiences the Self, Your Eternal, Bliss permeated Kingdom, free from ego, intellect, mind, body, and all other designations and dualities, to be Spirit, Energy, Awareness, or Consciousness.

Anger, lust, and greed, the illusory barriers between us, are eradicated in the light of the consciousness basking in the radiance of the decalcified Pineal Gland. At this point, there is Self appreciation, true freedom, unity, and conscious, blissful, union with You. 

 Identifying the chief culprit, our ignorance in accepting the illusory ego, and its peons, the body, mind, and intellect as the self, begins as we identify as spirit, and always think of You. Gradually, we recognize the self as consciousness radiating out from the Pineal Gland.

Our spiritual identity is regained and our problems are solved as we purify the Pineal Gland. The barriers of ignorance between us is dissolved to the degree we tap into the spiritual science of Our Word. It shows us how to experience the eternal unity at the base of all the diversity of life. The nature of this unity is unconditional, unselfish, eternal Love. The means, end, and purpose of is union with You, this Supreme Love.

The spiritual practice presented as Our Word is a way to efface the ego and regain our culture. It is a self purification practice that helps regain our own culture as it leads us out of the confusion and frustrations of the illusory worlds. Our eternal nature of Divine, Spiritual Existence is You. The means of our cultivation and culture is to always think of You. The end of our cultivation and culture is conscious union with You, the Divine, Spiritual Existence of all.

The basic ignorance of identifying the self as the body, mind, intellect, or ego, is the source of the problems we encounter in the entangling fruitive reactions to work in the material worlds. The goal of our study of Indigenous Spirituality, Nile and Indus Valley history and mythology, our prayer and meditation, is find out what the ancestors knew about the Self, and how they freed themselves from the sin and slavery of identifying the Self as body, mind, intellect and ego. This ancient knowledge and solution are distilled and presented here at as Our Word.

We must work for You. Submission of all we think, feel, will, say, and do to You, the Most Pure, is work for You. It can also be called service, offering, submission, or surrender. This spiritual practice cleanses our consciousness because it Purifies the Pineal Gland. This happens due to the sacred privilege of associating with You, the Most Pure.

Your purifying association frees our lower levels of consciousness from the contamination and other punishments melted out by Your illusory energy, Maya. Moreover, this work for You restores us to our purity and dignity while it resurrects us to our former glory and Divine consciousness.

   Purification of consciousness brings back to all levels of our consciousness the reality that I am spirit. We are spirit, and You are the Supreme Spirit of all; knowledge and experience of this fact, along with our history and spirituality gives us our inspiration and strength to persevere on this path of liberation and union with You, Supreme Consciousness/Spirit of all.

The experience of You as our common Source empowers us to unite and love ourselves as well as each other. This is the passing key to the solutions we need for a way forward, true freedom from the personal and interpersonal problems associated with life in the material worlds.

In the material worlds of illusion, we are trying to satisfy the insatiable desires for sense gratification. After all, nothing changes and over and over again, all we have is a life of ever increasing confusion and frustration. Our Word shows us how to transcend desires and attain satisfaction and fulfillment by cultivating our original love and devotion for You.

You are the way of the spiritual and Godly life. The Moral Force within all, You are the All Mighty, The Desireless One, The Most Perfect, Supreme Pure, The Origination of all Knowledge, Strength, Fame, Beauty, Wealth and Renunciation. 

Thank You evermore for teaching us to do all for You. All we think, feel, will say and do, we do as offerings to You alone. This spiritual practice frees us from the oppressive, frustrating, prison house of Maya, Your illusory energy

You, the Source of all edifying education and virtuous character, are the goal of all the life enhancing knowledge presented here as Our Word. Thank You for revealing to us, and teaching us, the importance of thinking, clearly, rationally, and critically, based on our knowledge, observation, an experience.

Our Word is cultural presentation, an ancient practice for the purification, respiritualization of the individual into the spiritual and godly life. A way of feeding the Divinity within, Our Word is a program, a blue print, a way forward from the frustrations and other sufferings of illusion caused by lust, the real enemy of the worlds. 

Purifying the Pineal Gland, cleansing the consciousness, and transcending the worlds of lust, we enter true love, our original life of increasing fulfillment, meaning, and Everlasting Omnipresent Peace. Sharing this with those who are receptive, and doing this as an offering to our Supreme Being, is the business of Our Word.

Through practice of the teachings contained in Our Word, we are purified of the disease of ignorance, which makes us susceptible to the weakness of lust, anger, and greed. Gradually we experience the immortality, freedom, and fulfillment of Your Everlasting Omnipresent Peace. This is our original, constitutional position, the spiritual and godly life. 


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Everlasting Omnipresent Peace

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