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"Our Word" I

Know The Selfless, Immortal, Omnipresent Reality, which exists within Itself, One Divinity in all, Pure Awareness, in and beyond its vast and variegated costumes, disguises, and levels of consciousness.

Infinite freedom, true liberation, is Absolute. It is realized as we purify our awareness and are beyond I, AM, AUM, Silence, unconsciousness, consciousness, knowledge, ignorance, experiencing, witnessing, misery and bliss. We are healed, absolutely aware, whole again.


This site gives clear workable solutions for the disease of materialism. It shows us how to improve our lives by cultivating Divine Love.

By revealing to us the who, what, where, when, whys and hows of reviving our original Spirituality, Divine Consciousness, while we go about our duties, this site helps us unfold the Divine Love which is our original nature.

A more perfect union begins with more perfect integrity. Unfolding the Divine Love which is at the very core of our being, the foundation of our consciousness, is the basis of individual integrity.

Individuals make up families, families make up communities, communities make up nations, nations make up our world, worlds make up our universe, and so on to the infinity of Now, the most perfect union.

 We are perfecting our relationship with You first so that we might better make our small contribution to the betterment of our worlds.

This site reveals to us various methods to submit/ surrender everything to our Highest Power, Divinity.

Surrender affords us the opportunity to associate with Divinity, The Most Pure. By associating with The Most Pure, we purify consciousness/heart, mind, intellect, soul, of the pollutants of anger, lust, greed, illusion, madness and envy; thus we gradually accomplish the goal Yoga, union with Divinity.

  Surrendering all to our Supreme Consciousness, the Supreme Consciousness of all, returns us to our original position of eternal life of unlimited bliss and knowledge. This is a way to get our familiy, nation, world and universe moving toward a more perfect unity.

 Divine Consciousness is our original consciousness. By reviving it, our self-esteem, self-worth, and self-confidence rise with increasing strength. We are thus more empowered to accomplish our objectives and raise our standards of excellence, evermore

Mount Meru-East Africa

Divine Consciousness is, according to this site, The Highest and Most Holy Truth. It pervades and transcends all dualities, names, sexes, time, space, forms, formlessness, and even is beyond the concepts of ancient and modern.

This site does not advocate nor in anyway condone prejudice, nor violence in thought, word or deed, toward any living being, nor does it encourage depriving others for our benefit.

To use the things of the material world for Union with Divine Consciousness is, this site avers, the true purpose and goal of Yoga and life. 

Spiritual practice for the purpose of union with Divinity brings in its train purification of consciousness. Purification of consciousness yields wisdom, greater intelligence, creativity, power over internal and external circumstances and ever greater realization of Divinity.

Mt. Kilimanjaro

By association with Divine Consciousness we renew ourselves to our original position, realizing that the soul is never born nor does it ever die. It is pure, of unlimited intelligence, free of the "I" thought and any dualities such as male or female, high or low.

Practicing the discipline of concentrating the mind on Divine Consciousness by surrendering all, at all times, we unfold Pure Love, Supreme consciousness which is beyond "I" or "You". 

In the process of developing Pure Love for You through our spiritual practice, our ego, intelligence, mind, senses, and body are freed from enslavement to any creature or desire.

You are Supreme Being, The Most High, The Source of all Integrity, The Most Powerful, The All Attractive ONE, The Divine Consciousness of all. Realizing this, we increasingly do not to others that which we do not want done to ourselves.

Peace is still; stillness is Peace, and this Thou Art. Gradually we awaken to this reality by concentrating the mind on You.

As the consciousness is cleansed by concentrating the mind on You we realize the Omnipresence of Divine Consciousness.

As a result of beginning to realize the Omnipresence of Divine Consciousness, our lower of consciousness is purified to higher levels; consequently, we are motivated even more to do not to others that which we do not want done to ourselves. 

As we purify our consciousness, evermore, we realize the Self as no thing, beyond the "I" thought, Infinite Peace, doing nothing, yet causing all to be done; In the process we return to ever greater sincerity and unselfishness.

 Knowledge of self comes with knowledge of You. We gain knowledge of You by always thinking of You, in the light of knowledge, observation and experience.

This spiritual practice cleanses the heart/consciousness of bigotry, prejudice, injustice and fear and makes the consciousness quiet again while it simultaneously restores us to our original position of fearlessness, righteousness, love and peace.

Offering, surrendering, submitting, and serving You in all we think, feel, will, say and do helps us to always think of You. Always thinking of you is the primary engine used for purification of our consciousness.

"Know Thy Self"

Advancing the science of self-knowledge and liberating oneself from lust, shame, anger, hatred class or caste pride, greed and fear is accomplished by always thinking of You.

Gradually the soul is unfettered from Your illusory energy, and we are free again, at last, by always remembering You.

YOU are our Supreme Being, the Source of all thought and hence, everything. Coming forth into consciousness of You is the goal of the Master Plan.

YOU simultaneously pervade, transcend, energize and intellectualize the vast and variegated entities, personalities and dualities, throughout the cosmic manifestation.

Nonetheless YOU, This Supreme Catalyst, Divine Consciousness, remain eternally unmoved, unmovable, unaffected and unchangeable.

It is You, this Divine, Supreme Activating Principle, that we come unto by utterings some of Your limitless names, and by bringing our gifts, our offerings. 

By fixing our mind on You through constant remembrance, we always think of You, our Supreme Being, our Source, and gradually we return to You, here and now.

The Site of Everlasting Omnipresent Peace is common sense, practical solution oriented. It is Srongly supported by the spiritual philosophies and scriptures of the world.

 Supported by knowledge, observation and experience gained through a humble appreciation of various spiritual paths, this website is a humble offering to our Supreme Being.

On this site is elaborated, as part of our spiritual practice, various instruments for liberating us from spiritual, intellectual, mental and physical slavery.

While acknowledgeing the fact that we are more or less unconscious, and enslaved by the illusory energy, this site articulates various ancient and proven spiritual means for resuscitating us to our natural condition of Pure Consciousness.

  Our edification, and liberation from the illusory energy, Maya, is a product of the spiritual practice offered here at this site of Everlasting Omnipresent Peace.   

This Supreme Awareness, herein referred to as Pure Consciousness is the ultimate goal of all our endeavors. It exists beyond "I" "me" and "mine".

monkey, , India

According to this site, Pure Consciousness is unfolded by constant praise and thanksgiving, prayer, study, sacrifice, service, right association, and meditation, all centered in our Supreme Being.

The primary buttress of this spiritual practice is Supreme Being centered meditation.

This practice consists of first coming to the spiritual platform by intellectually accepting the fact that the self is not the temporary material body, mind, intellect, or ego, but eternal spirit, and that ones Supreme Being, is Omnipresent, omniscient, Omnipotent, Supreme Spirit.

One engages in constant remembrance by offering all to You, Supreme Spirit who exists in and beyond names, space and time, and by constantly chanting one or more of Your infinite names.

 This concentration of the mind on Supreme Spirit leads to the consciousness of silence, and on to the realization of Infinite Stillness of Being, Pure Consciousness, the Eternal, Unadulterated Bliss of Here and Now.

Mount Meru

While constantly engaged in the process of this spiritual practice, the realization gradually dawns on one that the self is eternal spirit, and that ones Supreme Being is the Omnipresent, omniscient, Omnipotent, Supreme Spirit of all.  

Drawing from observation, knowledge, and personal experience, gained through following Righteousness and seeking Truth, everything about this Site, is designed to positively change the way we think, by changing the way we see the self.

We see the self not as a temporary material, mental, intellectual, or egotistical phantasmagoria.

To us, the self is realizable, eternal spirit, the most beautiful expression´╗┐ of unity, beauty, harmony and balance, full of unlimited bliss and knowledge.

When we change the way we regard the self, seeing it as spiritual, as opposed to material, mental, intellectual, or ego, we change the way we regard everything else.

There is a transformation at the very foundation of our value system when we change the way we see the self.

When we Change the way we see the self, we change the way we look at our world. When we change the way we look at our world, the world we look at changes.

Transformation of consciousness at the very foundation, from material to spiritual, is real revolution, a 180 degree foundational change, awakening us to clear mindedness and true spiritual liberation.

Freedom is the inherent nature of the Eternal, Changeless, Most Expansive Self.

You, This Most Expansive, Divine Self are absolutely free. You pervade and transcend the body, mind, intellect, and ego.

You are here, now, before the beginning, during and after the end of the I thought.  

 This unlimitable, Eternal self is the unborn, unchanging, undying, witness of the constant flux of change (Maya) associated with the body, senses, mind, intelligence, ego and all their extensions of beliefs.

 Though known by many names such as Soul, God, Spirit, Consciousness, and Awareness, this real Self is, always has been, and always will be, ONE and only ONE.

This Supreme Spirit is eternal, ineffable, experienciable, Divine Reality, and this thou art. 

This Supreme Being, also known as Supreme Soul, and Divine Reality, is eternally the Greatest Soul, the Supreme Spirit, Pure Consciousness. This Thou Art.

You are Ultimate Awareness, the Activating or Generating Principle of all the energy, creativity, and intelligence in, and beyond, the cosmic manifestation.

In fact, this Supreme Soul/Consciousness also known as BHA, is The Source of "I", KA/body, unity, freedom, ego, intellect, mind, and senses. 

Supreme Soul is The Source of all thought. It is the Supreme Reality, The Source, The Divine Activating Principle of the cosmos.

You are the All in all, within and beyond all, neither rising nor falling, neither coming nor going. You are The Moveless Source of all manifestations.

The Ultimate Goal of our endeavors and the highest purpose of our existence is You, Infinite Peace.    

YOU, this peerless Being, the light of the Suns and Moons throughout the cosmic manifestation, who pervades and transcends all, are Divine and Supreme in all respects.

 Although known by many names, YOU are beyond names, forms, and formlessness, beyond personal, impersonal and transpersonal.

YOU are the Supreme Means by which we regain true spirituality, moral uplift and the Ultimate Liberation, Pure-Consciousness.

YOU are above and beyond the limits of personal and impersonal, male and female, androgynous and neutral, coming and going, cause and effect, inauspicious and auspicious.

YOU transcend upper and lower, ingress and egress, spirit and matter, light and darkness, I am, and all other dualities.

Mount Meru in Tibet

YOU are incomparable because YOU are Indivisible, Undifferentiated, Supreme, Absolute, beyond all thoughts.

Our ultimate and only reality truly is YOU, Supreme Being. Within all sentient beings, YOU are very far away, yet closer to us than the breath our body breathes. 

Mount Meru from Kilimanjaro - East Africa

Our Righteous Ancestors refer to YOU as The Source of the Suns and Moons, The Eternally Infinite Reservoir of Unlimited Power, Bliss and Fulfillment. 

All praise is due to YOU alone. YOUR Divine Awareness and Master Plan is reflected in all that exists.

As we realize YOU, "This", our Self Created, Omniscient, Omnipresent and Omnipotent Supreme Being, our real needs are fulfilled.

As we concentrate the mind, purifying it by fixing it on You, Supreme Consciousness, we are increasingly content with what we have and our experience of inner joy and fulfillment is always increasing.

While pervading and transcending all names, forms, and levels of consciousness, YOU remain eternally Indivisible, Undifferentiated, Supreme, and Absolute.

YOU are the Eternal, Invincible, Incomparable, ONE Supreme Consciousness of all.

It is to YOU alone that we bring, with all the love and devotion at our command, these simple songs of praise, thanksgiving, remembering, and surrendering. 

Praising and thanking You in all circumstances empowers us to more easily think of YOU at every moment.

View of Mount Meru from Mount Kilimanjaro - The Mountain of the Moon.

Always thinking of You, positively changes our thinking while simultaneously cleansing our mind and reviving us to our original Divine Consciousness.   

 The intention of this site is assist us in our spiritual practice by helping us think of YOU every moment.

This is accomplished by coaching us in offering, with love and devotion, all we think, feel, will, say and do, to YOU.

Surrendering to YOU is the Submission at the center of our Spiritual resusitation.

Hearing about YOU, thinking about YOU, speaking about YOU, remembering YOU, concentrating on YOU, and meditating on YOU, is surrendering our mind, intelligence and will to YOU, Our Supreme Being.

Mount Meru-East Africa

Surrendering all to You is the central point of our spiritual purification practice.

This spiritual practice resusitates us from our spiritual comatose state to our original, now dormant, spirituality, Pure Awareness.

Young plants are given various means of protecton for surviving and thriving by YOUR laws of material nature. Our spiritual development is protected, survives, and thrives by hearing and Chanting YOUR Blessed Holy Names, even as we surrender everything to You.

You are our Centerless-Centerpoint and the ONE to whom all is offered.

We nurture our spiritual development with constant praise and thanksgiving, prayer, study, sacrifice, service, right association, meditation.

We also nurture our spiritual development by being ever more consciousness of the "Sound" of YOUR Silence.

 Our dedication to serving YOU, through our spiritual practice, is our method of being a true servant and blessing to all sentient beings as well as ourselves.

Gradually, we attain liberation from the illusory struggles for existence, entanglements, slavery and encagements of the internal and external worlds, by concentrating our mind on YOU.

You are The Divine, Infinitely Liberated, and liberating Consciousness of all sentient beings.

Known by many of our Ancient, Righteousness Ancestors, these venerable secrets for liberation, self realization/ resuscitation to Supreme Consciousness, are placed before us today by our good karma and YOUR Causeless Mercy.

 Eternally Omnipresent, Omnipotent, and Omniscient Supreme Being, YOU are our Eternal, Infinite Silence, Supreme Consciousness.

YOU know the sincerity our consciousness and the purity of our devotion to YOU, infinitely better than we.

So, as an infant clumsily offers morsels of food from its plate to the parents who provided, prepared and served the meal, we offer these irregularly composed, yet sincere offerings to YOU.

May YOU, The Supreme Consciousness of all, be pleased with the acknowledgment, resolution, devotion and love of our humble offerings.


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Everlasting Omnipresent Peace

"Our Word "


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