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Praise and Thanksgiving

Know The Selfless, Immortal, Omnipresent Reality, which exists within Itself, One Divinity in all, Pure Consciousness in and beyond its vast and variegated costumes, disguises, and levels of consciousness.

Infinite freedom, true liberation, is realized as we purify our consciousness and are beyond I, AM, AUM, Silence, experiencing, and witnessing.


You are Supreme Reality; You are This, Here, Now, beyond empty, fullness and form, The Eternity that pervades and transcends this present moment. We meditate on You who can never leave us.

Gradually, as our consciousness is purified through our spiritual practice, we unfold greater forbearance and are seeing You evermore, everywhere, in every person, place and thing. 

Verily, You are truly Omnipresent. You are always with us, everywhere, in everything and simultaneously beyond everything while everywhere. 

Our renewal, our renovation depends on always thinking of You, who pervade and transcends all names, forms, and illusions. Verily, always thinking of You is the power of our perseverance, the source of our awakening.   

You, the Source of all Intelligence, energy and the light of the sun, upper soul, lower soul, I and I, paramatma and atma, here and beyond, I and am, inner and outer, are our Supreme Being. 

Always thinking of You remakes us, transforms us at the very foundation of consciousness. Thus, our value system is changed from materialistic to spiritualistic. 

  You are The Supreme, Eternal, Transpersonal Being, the source of courage, beauty, creativity endurance, righteousness, and peace. You are beyond personal and impersonal. This thou art. 

Always thinking of You, the Source of virtues, educational and spiritual disciplines, empowers us to return to You, here, now, in this moment.

Fixing the mind on You through our spiritual practice heightens and sharpens our awareness, increases our tranquillity and realization of our quentessential, eternal, oneness with all creation.

You are the journey of true religion and the goal of the spiritual science of Yoga. 


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Everlasting Omnipresent Peace

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