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Right Association 9

Thank You Aum. Thank You Bha. Thank You Gye Nyame.

Thank You Aum. Thank You Bha. Thank You Gayathri.


Associating with You, our 

consciousness, awareness, and 

intelligence are purified and

 empowered evermore.


 This purifying and empowering

 process  enables the consciousness,

 awareness, and intelligence to  attract 

ever more positive, edifying, thoughts, 

feelings, willing, and doing, with You at 

the Center.  This quality of life leads us 

back to You, our Eternal Omnipresent



We think of You as the One Supreme

Intelligence that pervades and transcends

all the Galaxies, including nature Itself.

Always thinking of You helps us 

remember You. This brings us by night 

and day into ever greater union with 



We believe You are here before the Galaxies

and Nature have begun, while they exist, 

and after their existence ends.


It is identification of the Self as Eternal

 Spirit, Energy, or Soul.  Always thinking 

of You is the beginning of associating with

 You.  This association causes us to 

remember You.  Remembering You aligns

 our consciousness, awareness, and

intelligence with You.


Alignment with You, the Omniscience within

and beyond all, empowers us to see and serve 

You within and beyond the Galaxies and 



While we are reawakening, coming out 

of Maya and uniting with You, our Third 

Eye is opening.  We have begun seeing,

 recognizing and remembering You, 

pervading, transcending and witnessing



Wisdom, knowledge tried by our experience,

demands that we strive to always remember

You. It is this practice that enlightens our

intelligence, and leads us on the right 

"Way"to reach You, who are always here.


Striving to remember You is the wisest

 course of action we can embark upon. 

 As awakening souls, we are seeing that 

it is Your magnificence working through 

us that is cleansing us of Lust.

This cleansing happens to the degree we

remember You.


The more we are purified by Your 

association, we have ever greater respect

 and care for all of Your creation,  

maintenance,  and annihilation.


You are the same in all creatures, no 

matter how small or insignificant

they may seem to be, the consciousness, 

awareness, and intelligence are still 

pervaded and transcended by You.


Our consciousness is increasingly 

quiet, our awareness is sharper, and 

our intelligence is clearer, the more we 

associate with You. This spiritual 

practice is constantly making our life

 more meaningful and pleasant.


The beginning of associating with You is 

engaging in always thinking of You.  We do 

this by hearing about You, speaking about

 You, remembering You, and serving You

 in all we think, feel, will, say, and do.   


We also listen to the Silence and the cool,

 clear,  righteous instructions given from 

You therein.  In all of the methods of  

associating with You, we serve You as a 

 friend relative or devotee.


 You are within and beyond the 

intelligence  of every being in existence, 

whether they be visible or invisible.  We

 purify of our consciousness, awareness, 

and intelligence, by associating with You.


 Associating with You is our method of

transcending karma and  knowing the

 Self.  Gradually, we see clearly that all, 

with the exception of You, is an illusion. 

 You are  the only Reality.


The methodology of this purification process

consist of chanting Your names and glories,

submitting all we think, feel, will, say and

do to You and meditating on You.


Meditation practice consists in keeping the

 tip of the tongue at the soft spot at the 

back of the roof mouth.  We can also

 alternate holding the tongue gently with

 the teeth at various places on the tongue 

while we are conscious of the silence or 

while we are chanting silently.  

Additionally, we are simultaneously 

looking out from the Third Eye, the 

Pineal Gland.   It is at the middle of the 

back of our eyes between the Right and

 Left Cerebral Hemispheres.