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Right Association 6

Thank You Aum. Thank You Bha. Thank You Gye Nyame.

Thank You Aum. Thank You Bha. Thank You Gayathri.


The more we associate with You and

 are purified of selfishness and greed, 

the more we too can express Your 

unselfish love, the Source of our



It is through this remembrance of You 

that our lower consciousness, awareness, 

and intelligence are purified. Gradually 

they align, dissolving into their original 

position of Divine Intelligence. This is

 Spiritual Revolution.  


As the Witness of all perceptions, and

directions, You are our Omnipresent focal

point. If we have a problem experiencing

Your Omnipresence, Your Silence can be

experienced as our focal point.


We believe that You are within and beyond

righteousness and unrighteous, good and 

evil, negative and positive, in and out, and 

all other dualities.  If Your nonduality is

 difficult to focus on, we can chant one

 or more of Your Holy Names as a 

purifying  focus point.


You are the Unity within which all 

the diversities appear and disappear, 

You permeate and extend  beyond the

 unreal and the so-called real of the

 mundane worlds of suffering.


The cause of this problem of suffering

 is ignorance.  The roots of the ignorance

 are grounded in identifying the self 

and others as material, consciousness, 

awareness, or ego.  

Next. 10/05/21


Thank You for helping us see the Self as 

Spirit/Energy/intelligence, and You as 

the Eternal Light of Divine Intelligence, 

the Supreme Spirit of all.


You are the Supreme Unity.  Within and 

beyond all diversities,  You are within 

and outside of good and evil, weak and

 strong, right and wrong, form and 

formlessness, duality and nonduality, 

and all other dualities.  


You are the Infinitely United Intelligence

 within and beyond consciousness, 

awareness, existence and nonexistence.


Striving to remember You, and

 remembering You, who are here, now, 

within and outside of time and space, 

 is the most effective use of our time 

 and  space.


We remember You, who are the

 observer of Stillness and thoughts.  By

Your association, thoughts are quieted 

out of consciousness, and awareness. 

 From the Stillness, come answers which 

empower us to live a life of diminishing 

desires, Peace, and Fulfillment. 


You are the Supreme Absolute, Pure 

Intelligence, which we see and experience 

as beyond all dualities.  Access to the 

experience of You is predicated on our

 Karma, our Purity, and Your Divine Grace.

  Thank You. We are truly grateful to You for 

Your association.


Our consciousness, awareness, and intelligence

are purified due to association with You. To the

degree they are purified, we experience, amidst

 terrific chaos, the Infinite, Eternal Tranquility 

of You.


You exist as the never Diminishing Truth.

 We think of You as the Source of all 

consciousness, awareness, and intelligence. 


 You, Divine Intelligence, saturate and go

beyond the limits of every atom, proton,

neutron, electron, subatomic particle, and 

vibratory wave.



The most subtle Vibratory Phenomena,

or Strings, are pervaded and transcended by

Your Infinite Subtleness, Your Stillness of



We believe in You as Nature's Divinity, 

the Source of all life.  You are the Witness

 of Silence, and are everywhere, within

 everything.  Associating with You purifies

 our consciousness, awareness, and

 intelligence, bringing us into ever greater 

union with You.


We think of You as Divine Intelligence,

 saturating and surpassing all material,

 intellectual, and spiritual worlds. You are

 the Eternal, Omnipresent, Omniscient,

 Omnipotent Light, shining on everything, 

physical and metaphysical.