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Right Association 5

Thank You Aum. Thank You Bha. Thank You Gye Nyame.

Thank You Aum. Thank You Bha. Thank You Gayathri.


Everything we see and perceive is satiated 

and overrun with Your Omnipresence. This 

includes the wind, the rain, and all sorts of 

weather.  There is nowhere devoid of Your 



 Thinking of You.  Remembering You. These 

 are our methods of associating with You.  Ths

 gradually aligns our consciousness, awareness, 

and intelligence with You.  Now, we are 

experiencing, evermore, Your Omnipresence.


We know, from the light of research and 

experience,  we can rise from Your 

illusory energy, Maya.  It is requiring

 patience, determination, and knowledge 

of the fact that association with You by

 remembering You is, for us, a better way

to escape the follies of Maya.


Thank You for inspiring us to think of You, to

want to know the Greatest Truth, to dare

     to ask critical questions about life, and

 especially about You, the Source of life. 


We are awakening to know Your Glorious,

Indestructible Presence. It is here, It is You,

and It is our  Supreme Being.


We can recognize and identify with this

Supreme Intelligence.  It is here, now, 

within and beyond our own 

      consciousness,  awareness and Intelligence. 


Without You, consciousness would not 

know what to be conscious of, neither 

would awareness know what to be

 aware of.  


We begin to know You by always

 thinking of You.  Gradually through this 

association,  we begin awakening and

knowing You, Divine Intelligence, at the

 foundation of our Being. 


Surpassing all Selves and all concepts of the

Self, You are our very own Supreme Being.

We worship none other than You, our One,

Supreme Being, our Best and only real

 Anchor through all the vicissitudes of life.


There is no direction nor location where You 

are not. Thank You for Your association. 

 The more we associate with You the more

we remember and understand how to love 

   You.  Through You, we serve and love others, 

who are none other than Your form and

formless reflections.


You are within and beyond every 

"This and That" Associating with You

 through constant remembrance, 

   empowers us to see and know this fact.


You are the indivisible, undifferentiated, 

Supreme Absolute. This spiritual practice

 of associating with You, and others who 

 are trying to get back to You, is giving our 

   life ever better meaning and purpose.


Your Truth, the Light of Divine Intelligence

 within and beyond our present intelligence,

 is our Greatest Benefit.  It consistently 

strongly stands to our greatest research, 

scrutiny and common sense.  Without 

remembrance and  experience of You, life

 is ignorance, no meaning nor purpose.


Knowledge and experience of You frees

 us from the suffering of  ignorance. 

 No matter how often we bring our 

understanding of You before the board 

of our research, close  scrutiny, and 

experience, Your Truth  stands, ever 

clearer,  stronger, and makes better 



Knowledge and experience of You

 reestablishes us in a life of simple living 

and Divine thinking.  Here, knowledge of 

Self, freedom, security, prosperity and

 peace are always on the increase.


We think of You, remember You, and 

associate with You as the Omnipresent, 

Omnipotent, and Omniscient One.  

Pervading and Transcending time, space,

 all limitations, and circumstances, Your 

association makes our life increasingly 

fresh and new. 


It is our spiritual practice of following

You, seeing You in others and others in You,

 that is bringing out You in us.  This is 

empowering us to see, remember, and serve

 You in others,  regardless of our Karmic 



You are the the Same Loving Divine

 Intelligence within and beyond all; the 

Most Unselfish, giving the Greatest

 Blessings without wanting, or expecting,

 a thank you or any expression of