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Right Association 4

Thank You Aum. Thank You Bha. Thank You Gye Nyame.

Thank You Aum. Thank You Bha. Thank You Gayathri.


There is no where and no thing absent of You.

By prayer, study, and nonviolent sacrificial

association with You, our consciousness,

awareness and intelligence are aligned with

You and purified.


Associating with You, we align with You.

Aligning with You, we free ourselves from

slavery to insatiable desire for sense



We remember You by associating with You.

Thinking of You is the beginning of associating

with You. By associating with You we begin

experiencing real solutions to the problems

of life.


By Your association, we are realizing our 

natural freedom, our oneness with the 

Omnipresence of Your Perfect Peace,

 and our oneness with all life. 


We are experiencing the fact that a true solution

to our spiritual, intellectual, and physical

problems is attained by our associating

with You.


As we associate with You we rise out of 

Maya, attaining ever cleaner, higher and 

more tranquil levels of consciousness,

awareness, and intelligence.


Our associating with You, through

our spiritual practice, is a method of

gaining freedom from Maya and 

awakening to union with You.


We clean and rejuvenate our consciousness,

awareness, and intelligence by associating

with You. We associate with You by always

thinking of You. We think of You as within

and beyond all vices and virtues.  


We believe You are Supreme Intelligence,

permeating and observing all consciousness,

awareness, and intelligence, including

Supreme Intelligence ItSelf.


This spiritual purification practice brings 

us back into complete harmony with You.

The Source of our original level of Being

resides in You. 


You, the Most Pure, Most High, All Mighty, 

are our original Source of Being.  It is

 from You that we have doubted and fallen

 into the temporary worlds of illusions.


You are our Supreme Intelligence, the Source

of all Goodness and mercy.   Constant

remembrance of You is awakening us to

 our original position of Tranquil, Vibratory

Bliss, Kundalini.


We believe  You are the Supreme Pure

Goodness, and the ultimate Perfection.  Within

and beyond all Sentient and Insentient Beings, 

You exist eternally.


Your Omniscience, Omnipresence, and

Omnipotence, completely saturates and excels

every perception and every experience . 


Thhsw Bliss and Intelligence within and 

overflowing everything, You are the only

experience, and perception worthy our 

attention and worship.


Lower consciousness, awareness, and

 intelligence begin to attain liberation

from the illusory struggles for existence 

when they are aligning with Supreme

 Intelligence, the Light of Divine



Consciousness must align with Awareness. 

 In its turn awareness must align with

intelligence. This lower intelligence must

align with You, Divine Intelligence. 

When all are aligned with You, the goal

 of Yoga, union with the Most High, is



Aligning with You first by association with

 You, causes all other alignments to happen. 

 Just as watering the root of the tree waters 

all parts of the tree.