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  Everlasting Omnipresent Peace



Right Association 2

Thank You Aum. Thank You Bha. Thank You Gye Nyame.

Thank You Aum. Thank You Bha. Thank You Gayathri.


Associating with those who are trying to 

reawaken to You is our Sangha.  This is

done through direct association, association

 electronically, association through printed

 materials, association through chanting Your

 Holy Names,  or meditating on You as

 Stillness, Space, or the "Sound" of Silence.


Direct Association with Your devotees is most 

preferred. If this cannot be done through

 live association; then association with Your

 devotees electronically via books and other

 printed or recorded materials is 



You are our spiritual quintessence, Divine

Intelligence. You saturate and exceed

consciousness, awareness, and all other levels

of intelligence.  By Virtue of Your Divine

 Association, either directly or through Your 

Pure devotees, we are being reestablished 

in our original Purity of Being, Divine 



Our greatest wealth is You.  Our

consciousness, awareness, and intelligence

 are purified and infused with more Divine

 Intelligence the more we , somehow  or other, 

associate with You.


All thoughts are tinged with sparks of Your

Omniscient splendor.  Associating with You

 is the way we quiet our consciousness and

awareness of all temporary thoughts, and

 reabsorb them in Your Eternal Magnificience.


The closer we get to You consciously, the more

we experience You as our very own.  Gradually,

our intelligence, awareness, and consciousness

return to union with You. 


By associating with You, we are awakening

and seeing how we can better dovetail our

thoughts and activities into such a way that we

can associate with You more. You are our

greatest benefit.


We consciously associate with You by always 

thinking of You, concentrating on you, 

 offering everything to You, and by meditating 

on You as the knower of Silence and Space.  


You have innumerable names, although You are

beyond all names. We began the practice of

always thinking of You by chanting one or

more of Your Holy Names.


In addition to chanting the Holy Name that most

appeals to us, we can study about You, visit Holy

places that are dear to You, and hear about You

from reliable sources. This is concentrating on



Meditating on You as the Light witnessing the

vast infinity of Space, and that same Light

witnessing the "Sound" of the frequencies of

Silence within that space.  This is beyond

 concentration.  It is Meditation.


Often, at the beginning of abiding quietly as the

Knower of the Light on Silence and Space, we

might want to witness the breathing or the

breath in and out with the aid of a Holy Name,

a Mantra.  This is often called Mantra Meditation.


We believe You are within and beyond Karma

and Maya. No one else has this mystic power. 

 By concentrating and Meditating on You, we

gradually awaken to this fact.


Good Karma, infused with love, charity, and

and compassion, gradually happens as we 

meditate on You.  Gradually, we notice Your 

liberating compassion and Love channeling 

through us, comforting other living beings.


The channel of Your Loving Kindness grows

 wider and stronger the more we meditate on

on You. Coupled with meditating on You 

 think, feel, will, say, and do, is done as 

offerings to You.  This helps us be ever

 stronger channels for Your Loving 

Kindness to flow.


We are Loving Kindness.  This is one of

 the attributes of the Light Of Divine

 Intelligence.  Engaging in this spiritual 

practice of remembering You through

our Prayers, Studies, Sacrifices, 

Service, Right Association and 

Meditation, is awakening us to ever 

closer to union with the Wondrous

 Beauty of You.


Practicing remembering You, our consciousness

is being transformed. It is purifying and

returning to a consciousness of compassion,

charity, and Love.


In this way of remembering You, we are 

awakening and returning to the Self, while

 being victorious over the Jinns, Maya, and