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Right Association 18

Thank You Aum. Thank You Bha. Thank You Gye Nyame.

Thank You Aum. Thank You Bha. Thank You Gayatri.


Our union with You, attained by 

associating with You, is the root and 

ground of our Joy and Fulfillment.


Through this spiritual practice of

associating with You by offering all to 

You, we are simplifying our life; living 

Simply and Thinking of You, the Most 

High, the Divine, the Source of Truth, 

Righteousness, Love, and Peace. 


Unedifying things, or thoughts that do

 not improve our health or draw us into

  closer association with to You, we keep 

out of our consciousness and our life in

 general by remembering You.


You are the Eternal LIght of Divine 

Intelligence.  We are remembering You 

by chanting Your Holy Names, offering 

You everything, being grateful to You for 

our many blessings, and meditating on 

     You as the Source of Sound and Silence.  


Before we eat, drink, or play, we offer 

all to You.   Associating with You in

this way, we are relishing solitude with

You and enjoying Your association



By association with You, by offering all

to You, we are associating with You, 

and our consciousness, awareness, and

intelligence are purified. They are

returning to their original position

beyond desire, including the desire for

desirelessness, and even the desire for



This spiritual practice of always 

associating with You is helping us in our 

efforts to be purified and restored to 

the rich spiritual and cultural heritage

 of Most Holy Ancestors.


We are spiritual, not material beings.

 This is first teaching of our Most

 Holy Ancestors regarding the self. We

 are not the temporary body with 

Soul.  We are the Infinite, Eternal 

Soul,  pervading and transcending

 the temporary, finite, material body.


Associating with You the One Divine 

Soul, Everlasting, Omnipresent, 

Omnipotent, within and beyond all

 bodies, is our method of purifying our

 consciousness, awareness, and



To the extent our consciousness, 

awareness, and intelligence are purified 

as a consequence of Your purifying

 association, we transcend bodily

 identification as the self.


Through Your association we are 

awakening, identifying more as the 

knower of the body, the intelligence,

rather than as the body, the known.


You are our Eternal Well Wisher. 

 Pervading and transcending all places, 

times, designations of class, caste, 

race, religions, levels of wealth or 

poverty, creeds, colors, or species

 of  life, You are everywhere.


We offer our deepest gratitude to You

 for granting us Your association.  In this

 way, we are working out our own 

salvation with diligence, awakening to

 union with You.


Assuredly, we do not have to struggle to

change the world. When we change our 

concept of the self, from material to 

spiritual, and strive to associate with

You, we see our world in an evermore

 positive and beautiful light. 


We change the way we see our

world, by seeing the self as spirit, 

and You as Supreme Spirit.  At the 

  same time, we are  striving to always 

associate with You.  Hence, the

 world we experience is always 

 more beautiful.


The world we experience starts and 

ends with the way we see who we are. 

 We are the Eternal Spirit/Soul, free of 

all distinctions, labels, and designations.

 No material considerations determine 

our Self-identification.  


We regain our own name, language,

 and our Most Sublime Culture, the 

more we associate with You and 

 awaken.  You, our own original Light

of Divine Intelligence, are the Most

 Cultivated and Awake One.


  Remembering You, we are acquiring 

knowledge, observation, and 

experience of Self as the Light of 

Divine Intelligence.  It is Everlasting

     and progressively performed

   joyfully. Thank You for revealing

 to us this spiritual discipline of 

associating with You.