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Right Association 16

Thank You Aum. Thank You Bha. Thank You Gye Nyame.

Thank You Aum. Thank You Bha. Thank You Gayathri.


Remembering You Transforms our

 intelligence from the denseness of

 ignorance to the bright, soft light of 

ultimate knowledge.


The center of all we think, feel, will, say,

and do, Ultimate Knowledge is You.  

Associating with You in all we do

 purifies our consciousness, awareness,

 and intelligence.


Also remembering You in others, and 

others within You, purifies our 

consciousness, and awareness, while

 enlightening our intelligence.   This is 

  how we can we can gradually awaken

 and treat others with dignity,  respect, 

and Love.  There are no others. 

 There is only You in various disguises.


         At the subtlest level, You and the 

      "Other" are One.  Remembering this, 

we are constantly purifying and 

improving our consciousness, 

awareness, and intelligence by 

associating with You. 


Purification of consciousness, awareness,

 and intelligence empowers us to zap and

 neutralize unedifying thoughts, while 

allowing only edifying thoughts related to 

You to enter consciousness.


If we would be free from the disease of 

Maya, it is imperative that You be the 

center and purpose of our activities. 

 You are our inspiration, and the goal of 

our cultivation.


We are striving to be cultivated, civilized, 

by consciously reunitening with You by

 associating with You.  This is the way

way, we are transcending the suffering

caused by ego (material designation

of the self) and lust.


Love for You, the Source of our being, 

  is our Love Supreme.   It is always here, 

and like Peace, It cannot be made.  This

fact can be experienced the more we

 associate with You.


This Love Supreme, at the base of 

our  being, is the Love we have been 

trying to experience externally through

 people, places, and things.


Our work is for You. Our Submission is to

You alone. This helps us to always think

of You.  Associating with You in this way

our consciousness, awareness, and

 intelligence are purified and realigned

 with You again.


Associating with You, we are living

and witnessing our consciousness,

awareness, and intelligence in the

    purification process.  Seeing how this is

is working to influence our Karma, and

 our progress back to You, we are

 consciously intensifying our efforts to 

associate with You.


Our spiritual, intellectual, and 

physical contentment, development,

 and joy can be traced to our own 

most rational thoughts.  This 

intelligence can be traced back to 

our association.


Those most rational thoughts arise from

consciousness, awareness, and intelligence

that have been purified of anger, lust, and

greed by association with You.


To the extent our consciousness, awareness,

and intelligence are purified, they are

aligned with You. This brings them back

to their original pure state of union

with the Omniscience, Omnipresence, 

and Omnipotence of You. 


Strengthened to their original pure

 state, consciousness, awareness, and 

intelligence are empowered to repel 

and neutralize any deprecating, 

arrogant, or destructive thought 

toward Self or with regard to any 

Sentient Being.


To purify our consciousness, awareness, 

and intelligence to their original 

alignment with You, we need Your Divine

 Association.  This is why, all we think, feel,

 will, say, and do, we do as offerings, 

  submissions, surrender, or Service to You.


Through Your association our 

consciousness is cleansed of polluted, 

irrational thoughts.  As this transpires, we 

gain, more clearly, and easily, Your  Divine 

Wisdom and Guidance.


We remember, gained through  

experience, our consciousness, 

awareness, and intelligence are slowly

 but surely evolving into alignment 

with You again.  Thank You many 

times over for for showing us how to 

consciously and practically associate

with You again.