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Right Association 15

Thank You Aum. Thank You Bha. Thank You Gye Nyame.

Thank You Aum. Thank You Bha. Thank You Gayathri.


Seeing Your presence in all Beings, 

sentient and insentient, and

 serving You in all we think, feel, 

will, say, and do, is how we are

   associating with You.


As a consequence of seeing Your

 presence in others, and others in You, 

we are increasingly experiencing the fact

 that You are the One in all of us. 


Seeing You in all with our Inner Eye, also

 known as the Third Eye or Pineal gland,

 we understand that others are in reality, 

an illusion.  We know You are, we are,

 the knower of the thinker of thoughts.


In the final analysis, we see there is only

 You encompassing, permeating, and

 transcending the consciousness,

awareness, and intelligence of all.


Remembrance of  You, knowledge  of

 Self, empowers us to transcend the

 insatiable demands of lust for sense 



Those demands are insatiable because 

we are not the material designation,

 the material body.


We are the Eternal Intelligence.  It 

pervades and transcends the material 

body, consciousness, awareness and



  Identification with the intelligence as the 

Self,  and engaging in a spiritual 

purification process of associating with 

You, aligns our consciousness, awareness, 

and intelligence with You. This is the goal 

of Yoga.


We are now progressing and feeling

 better about this life.  We are 

remembering the Self as the Subtle

Intelligence, pervading and transcending

 consciousness, awareness, and lower 

intelligence, and You as the Most Subtle, 

Divine Intelligence, pervading and

 transcending all.


Remembering our Self and You in this 

way helps to purify our consciousness,

 awareness, and intelligence of insatiable

 lust.  As this happens, we experience the

 joy within that we have been seeking 

outside in material sense enjoyment for 

too long.


We associate with You and awaken to 

freedom from slavery to the senses. 

 Associating with You in this way, we see 

 others as You, the Supreme Self,

 None Dual Intelligence, in different 

shapes, forms, and fashions.


We awaken to who we really are by 

this practice of associating with You,

 the Most Awake One.  This practice 

can begin by calling out, chanting 

Your Holy Names.


We are chanting Your Holy Names, and

associating with You. Living this life

 with Your association is empowering 

us. We are becoming spiritually 

stronger, more patient, tolerant, and 

freer from desire, constantly.


We think of You as the Fountainhead of

Freedom, and the Source of all Purity

and Strength.  We want to be free, no

 stress, no  strain, because this is our 

original position.  We admire and strive

 for purity and strength because this too

 is our original position.


 We associate with You as the light which 

bestows wisdom.  The more we do this,

 the greater is our experience of purity,

 freedom, and ever increasing strength, 

on all levels.


The light of wisdom empowers us to see,

 experience and understand ever more 

clearly, the Self that we are.

Its beauty, purity, freedom and peace

 is available to those of us who strive

 sincerely to attain It. 


This light of wisdom is our original 

nature and is attained by constantly 

associating with You.  These

 submissions of Praise and 

Thanksgiving offered to You here at

help us associate with You. 


Associating with You, we are cleansing our

consciousness, awareness, and intelligence. 

 As a consequence, we are experiencing

 more understanding, love, compassion, 

and charity toward all sentient Beings.