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Right Association 12

Thank You Aum. Thank You Bha. Thank You Gye Nyame.

Thank You Aum. Thank You Bha. Thank You Gayathri.


We associate with You as the Source 

of mother, father, family, friends, all 

ancestors, children, descendants, and 

all sentient beings, visible and 



All we think, feel, will, say, and do,

 we are submitting to you, associating 

with You.  In this manner, our 

consciousness, awareness, and 

intelligence, are aligning with You.  

This way, we are awakening to ever 

greater conscious union with You.


We are remembering You through this

spiritual practice of associating with You.

This practice of awakening to conscious 

union with You has been passed down

 from You to us through ancient Nile 

Valley and Indus Valley Civilizations, and

 our own meditation.  These sources are 

sprinkled throughout Our Word in 

audio, video, images, pictures, words,

and photographs.


This spiritual practice of associating

 with You consists of calling out a Holy 

Name of Yours that is most attractive to

 us. Partnered with that is offering 

Divinely Centered Praise and 

    Thanksgiving, Prayer, Study, Sacrifice, 

Service; Right Association, and 

Meditation to You.  


All that we do is centered consciously in 

You.This Association with You begins 

with always thinking of You.  This is why

all our praise and thanksgiving, all we

 think, feel, will, say, and do is done to 

help us never forget and always 

remember You.


Associating with You, we are 

 becoming more intelligent, and adept at

recognizing and following our ever 

better reason and common sense.

Moreover, we are  knowing, and 

experiencing the beauty of being 

detached from the Material World 

while becoming more involved here

 in the Spiritual World.


Here in the Spiritual World, we are 

free from ignorance of Self. We are 

increasingly satisfied, and at Peace, 

in the midst of, yet separated from, 

the worlds of illusion.


To the casual observer, we might seem to 

be in the world, and we are, but we are 

not of it; we seem to be in Maya, yet we

 are learning how to be detached, 

transcending It constantly. 


By always associating with You, we can 

be in the world but not of it. Utilizing the 

spiritual practice of associating with You,

 we separate from Maya and continue 

rising into Your Eternal Omnipresence.


Armed with the sword of detachment and 

the rod of discrimination, we are ever 

attached to You, while the worlds of 

illusion move pass us, like clouds moving 

below the Sun.


We know, based on our research, 

observation and experience,  we are 

not just a material body with a soul

trying to have a spiritual experience.


We are Eternal Spirit, within and

 beyond the material body; the Power 

which animates this material body;

 surrounding, spread through, perceived 

throughout and transcending the

 material body, this we are. 


 We are like the Sun in the sky and the

material worlds are like the clouds below. 

We do not move. The material worlds move,

 are in constant flux, like the changing clouds



Our objective is to return to conscious 

Union with You, the Supreme Unity in all 

the diversity of life.  Submission of all to

 You is our way of  associating with You

 and gradually uniting consciously with 



 Associating with You, we are

transcending cause and effect, Karma,

the fluctuating diversities of the material

 world.  Gradually, we are reawakening to 

the True Self, our Eternal Life in conscious

Union with You.


Associating with You does bring us back 

into union with You, our Divine Nature. 

We know this as a result of scrutinizing,

very objectively, our research, observation,

 experience and reflection.


We as Soul, do not experience birth,  

old-age, disease and death. That is 

of the material body.  The more we

 associate with You and are purified,

 the more we transcend bodily 

designations and live in conscious

spiritual union with You.


We, the living entity extending throughout

the body and beyond, are the Soul, in 

quality one with You. The goal of our life 

is to discontinue reaping and sowing in 

Maya, and reawaken to our Freedom 

and Bliss-filled life of conscious union

 with You.