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  Everlasting Omnipresent Peace



Right Association 11

Thank You Aum. Thank You Bha. Thank You Gye Nyame.

Thank You Aum. Thank You Bha. Thank You Gayathri.


We are awakened to our almost forgotten direct

experience of You, by this purification of

consciousness, awareness, and intelligence by

remembering You. It is this association that

brings us back into union with You.


Always thinking of You, in the light of Your revealed

scriptures, helpers, and our personal experience,

is our way of fixing our intelligence on You. Thus,

we purify the Pineal gland and, via it, consciousness,

awareness, and intelligence.


We make our future better by the thought

purifying process of remembering You today.

Feeling, willing, and doing come out of thought.

Therefore we, not "They", are responsible for

our present condition. We are "They."


We clean suffering producing lust, greed, and

anger; illusion, madness, and greed from our

consciousness, awareness, and intelligence

by the purifying process of remembering



Remembering You changes the condition of our

consciousness, awareness, and intelligence,

from dirty to clean, from negative to positive.

In this way, we change the production and

accordingly, the results of our own doings,

our Karma.


Always thinking of You, in the light of Your revealed

Scriptures, Prophets, Sages, Saints, Incarnations,

Messiahs, Preachers and Teachers, is bringing us out of

misery. We are changing the condition of our life, from

negative to positive, by this self purifying process.


The above mentioned activity, along with our

other spiritual practices, is association with You.

It helps us come back to our natural quiet and

stillness of Being.


It is here in the quiet and stillness of Being that we

can hear more easily, Your calm, confident, and

Most Righteousness guidance. 


Moreover, the more we associate with You, we

understand evermore how to approach You,

who we are, and the true nature of this

situation we refer to as life.


Most importantly, by associating with You, we

learn, by Your Grace, how to gradually transcend

Karma and unite consciously with You.  


You are the only the real Love in our life for You

never end and are always fulfilling. Therefore,

You are our only real inspiration.


By thinking of You constantly, we are ever

more victorious over lust, anger, and greed,

in any level of consciousness, awareness,

and intelligence we find ourselves in.


Thoughts of You, the Most Pure, associate the

mind with You. This process rids the lower

consciousness of the misery of Maya. Thank

You for helping us to always think of You.


Thoughts of You cleanses the consciousness

of unedifying thoughts attracted into it

when we were ignorant of how to remember



By remembering You, we can better

discriminate about the quality of thoughts

allowed into our consciousness.


We remember you as our Supreme Friend,

Parent, Sibling, Companion, our Love Supreme.

We begin to rewaken to remembering You by

always thinking of You.  


We think of You as the Undisputed, Most

Perfect Love, within and beyond everything

and No-thing. The most subtle space between

subatomic particles is, saturated, and excelled

by Your loving presence.


We think of You, Divine Intelligence, as

pervading and transcending all illusions,

shapes, forms, formlessness, and varieties.

You are the only one worthy of praise for

anything, seen or unseen.