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Right Association 11

Thank You Aum. Thank You Bha. Thank You Gye Nyame.

Thank You Aum. Thank You Bha. Thank You Gayathri.


Associating with You, we are awakening 

to our almost forgotten relationship

 with You.   This relationship is our 

radiance, our spiritual effulgence, our 

Light which bestows wisdom, the

 remover of sin and ignorance, the

  Source of all our glory.


 This association with You works.  It is 

building our self-esteem and giving us

 comfort.  Most importantly, It is 

bringing us back into conscious union

 with You.


We are making our present better by

 this intelligence purifying process of 

associating with You.  We are

 more tolerant, patient and

compassionately comprehensive. 

Everyday is better than the day before.


By associating with You,  we are cleaning 

suffering producing lust from our

intelligence.  In  Its place is returning love

 compassion, and charity.


Associating with You is definitely changing

 the quality of our intelligence positively.

We are more able now to discriminate and

 better choose thoughts feelings and willings

 that are more conducive to raising our 

consciousness and awareness to union 

with You.


We are associating with You, in the light of 

Your revealed Scriptures, Prophets, Sages, 

Saints, Incarnations, Messiahs, Preachers 

and Teachers.  This spiritual practice, is 

surely bringing us out of the misery of 



The above mentioned individuals are 

foot noted and verified throughout 

our word in the form of quotes from

 scriptures, pictures, and videos,


Association with You  helps us come 

back to our natural quiet and stillness

 of Being.  It is here that we can 

experience more easily, Your calm, 

confident, and Most Righteousness 



Moreover, the more we associate with

 You, we understand evermore how to 

approach You, who we are, the true 

nature of this situation we refer to as 

life, and a practical solution to its



Most importantly, by associating with 

You, we learn, by Your Grace, how to

 gradually transcend Karma and Maya, 

   and reunite consciously with You again.  


You are the only the real Love in our life.

 our relationship is ever fulfilling and 

never ends. Our real and only needed

 inspiration is You.You


Associating with You, we are evermore 

inspired and victorious over lust, anger, 

and greed, in any level of  consciousness, 

awareness, and intelligence we find 

ourselves in.


Associating with You,  the Most Pure, 

gradually rids the lower consciousness,

awareness, and intelligence of the misery

 of Maya. Thank You for helping us to 

associate with You.


Association with You individually, with

 Your  Devotees, or through audio visual

 print or electronic materials, cleanses 

our consciousness awareness, and

 intelligence, keeping out unedifying

 thinking feelings, and willings and 

attracting those that help us awaken

 to Your loving Omnipresence.


Associating with You through constant 

remembrance, we better discriminate

 between the unreal and the real.  The

 material world is unreal.  It has no

 endurance.  You are the only reality. 

 Having no cessation, You are existing 

within and beyond beginnings, 

middles, and ends.


We associate with you as our Greatest 

Friend, Parent, Sibling, Companion, our 

Love Supreme. We begin to awaken to

  the Supreme Benefits of associating with 

You by always thinking of You.  


We associate with You as the Undisputed, Most

Perfect Love, within and beyond everything

and No-thing. The most subtle space between

subatomic particles is, saturated, and excelled

by Your loving presence.


We associate with You, Divine Intelligence, as

pervading and transcending all illusions,

shapes, forms, formlessness, and varieties.

You are the only one worthy of praise for

anything, seen or unseen, smelled, heard,

 felt, or in any way discerned.