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  Everlasting Omnipresent Peace



Right Association 10

Thank You Aum. Thank You Bha. Thank You Gye Nyame.

Thank You Aum. Thank You Bha. Thank You Gayathri.


From the Third Eye, Pineal Gland, our meditation

practice consist in looking out into the blackness or

light of space, while being ever conscious of the

Sounds of the Silence of space.


Abiding quietly, as the witness of all this, is our

practice of Meditation. Gradually, we

experience the Tranquil Omnipresence of

Supreme Being.


Meditation is association with You. By virtue

of Your association through meditation, our

consciousness, awareness, and intelligence are

focused, cleansed, and aligned with You.


We believe consciousness, awareness, and

intelligence gradually regain perfect union

with You the more we meditate on You.


While regaining perfect union with You,

consciousness, awareness, and intelligence

are manifesting greater morality, deeper

awareness, and Divine Intelligence.


We are following this ancient spiritual practice

of fixing the intelligence on You for

Self-Realization. The beginning of this

process is to always think of You.


In the light of our knowledge, observation, and

experience, striving to remember You is the

most practical process for Self-Realization.


Cleansing our consciousness, awareness, and

intelligence happens the more we remember You.

At the same time this practice of remembering

You detaches us from the entanglement of Maya,

the illusory energy.


You are the Most Virtuous. Always thinking

of You is the beginning of fixing our intelligence

on You. By associating with You, we become

more virtuous and intelligent.


Gradually, this association empowers all levels

of our consciousness, awareness, and

intelligence to be attracted virtuousness. 


This consciousness, awareness, and intelligence

cleansing process is rekindling and increasing our

dormant respect and love for You.


Through wakening of our love for You, our love

for all sentient beings is awakened. Such an

enlightening process brings in its wake a greater

remembrance and appreciation for all worlds:

Material, spiritual, and transcendental.


Always remembering You, by calling out Your

name and offering You everything, increases

our experience of the natural patience of the



We believe this Self is Omnipresent, Omnipotent,

and Omniscient. Therefore, It is the Source of 


We need Your patience and perseverance in our

efforts to remember You. It seems at the

beginning like a very daunting task.


However, with patience and determination in

our efforts of remembering You, we slowly

get glimpses of Your Magnificence.  


These glimpses, secured with our research and

experience, gives us the will to continue in our

efforts to remember You, and to consciously

unite with You.


Remembering You, and association with You,

purifies our consciousness, awareness, and

intelligence. Thus, we are fit for union with

You who are always here; as our Greatest

Friend, Relative, Personal Problem Solver,

and Source of all the Gods and Ancestors.