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  Everlasting Omnipresent Peace


Raja Yoga

Meditation 5

Thank You Aum. Thank You Bha. Thank You Gye Nyame.

Thank You Aum. Thank You Bha. Thank You Gayatri.


The more we see and serve, praise and thank You, as we

encounter the changes of life, the greater is our purity of

consciousness, our self-defining ability and our equal-

mindedness toward all sentient beings. We see the universe

holistically. Everything is equal within You who are

pervading and transcending all. We meditate on You as

the Supreme Awareness, more subtle then Silence and



Thank You for teaching us how to overcome our inability to

lift ourselves out of the suffering of Your illusory energy by

chanting Your Holy names and offering You everything. This

spiritual practice helps us to remember You, think bout You,

concentrate on You, and meditate on You.


We had fallen into body consciousness, the ancient, rural

pigsty, and forgotten You. Always thinking of You,

concentrating on You, and meditating on You, is helping

us. It is raising us, cleansing us of a wretched condition of

existence, and bringing us back to You, the Eternal, Most

Clean and Exceptionally Pure, state of Supreme Awareness.


Our spiritual practice consists of, and revolves around, always

thinking of You and meditating on You. This is done by praising

and thanking You, calling out Your names and submitting

everything to You: Our thoughts, our pains, our pleasures

our gains. All that we do, all that we offer or give away, all

austerities we may perform, everything we do, we do as an offering

or submission to You. 


Surely, we think of You as our anchor, our strength, our

Samaritan, and our Supreme Source of all knowledge,

strength, fame, beauty, wealth, renunciation, and all other

good fortune. Thank You for teaching us how to always

think of You, how to concentrate on You, and how to

meditate on You. By fixing the mind on You, and

changing the "Image/Concept" of the Self from material

to Spiritual, we come back to You.


We think of You as our eternally Most Enlightened state of

Being. Thank You over and over again for teaching us how

to meditate on You. Meditating on You, we remember and

experience You. Remembering and experiencing You, we

gradually see You everywhere, in everything.


We meditate on You as the complete Leader always available to

help us solve problems of life. Those problems have their roots

in birth, disease, old-age, and death. You are the grand solution,

the antidote, our way out of an abnormal and corrupt life, Maya.

All praise is due to You alone. 


The beginning of this coming back home process happens as we to

begin seeing the self as awareness or spirit temporarily inhabiting a

material body. Simultaneously we engage the mind in always

thinking of You and meditating on You. We think of You as the One,

Most Pure Energy, who is within and beyond all images, places, and



When we finally are exhausted with the external, futile search for sense

gratification, turn and start looking out from within, from the Pineal

Gland, then we are coming back home, coming back through the Seventh

Chakra, to the Self, back to You. Our Source, our Savior, our Redeemer,

our Everything is You. We meditate on You as our Silence and our

Awareness of everything, including Silence.


All praise is due to You alone. You are our only and Greatest

Self. You have no equals nor partners. We take refuge in You

by always thinking of You, meditating on You, becoming Your

devotee, worshipping You and offering all our homages to You.


All that we think, feel, will, say, and do, we do as as surrender,

offering, submission, service to You. This is the way we take

refuge in You. Thank You for continuing to purify us with Your

self- improving association. Thank You for protecting us from

anything or being that could distract us from always thinking

of You and meditating on You. All praise is due to You alone.  


Thank You for helping us to always think of You as the One

Omnipresent Supreme Being. Thus, we are able to meditate

on You, here, now, as Consciousness and Awareness, and

Awareness of consciousness and awareness. Gradually, we

come back to Awareness of Your One Immanence and

Transcendence which pervades and transcends everything

we think of as "I," "Me," or "Mine".


We think of You, we concentrate on You, we meditate on You

as pervading and transcending all faces, forms, intellects, and

aspects. Furthermore, we think of You, we concentrate on You,

we meditate on You as the Source of Cultural refinement, and the

Source of All representations of Divinity.


Ribhu Gita

' Chapter Eleven '

55. There is no world apart from the Self. There is nothing of the non-Self, ever.

Anything apart from the Self is unreal. This is the truth—the truth. There is

no doubt of this.

56. There is no happiness apart from the Self. There is nothing else apart from the

Self. There is nowhere to go apart from the Self. One should remain forever

in the Self.

57. There is nothing anywhere apart from the Self. There is not a blade of grass

apart from the Self. There is nothing whatever apart from the Self. There

is nothing apart from the Self at any time.

58. This explanation of the Bliss of the Self has been expounded to you by me.

Whichever wise man hears this once, himself becomes Brahman.

59. This gives instant Liberation from bondage by being heard even once. By

understanding the meaning of this treatise, one is liberated from everything.

60. Suta: Worship with a committed heart the full, the true, ever Brahman, with

the divine Truth of the Self, eternal and without agitation of the mind. He

exists, with knots cut asunder, in Isvara, at the pure feet of Siva, and shines

inwardly. He becomes restful inside and surely becomes, after death, the

entire universe.

Ribhu Gita

' Chapter Eleven '


We think of You as the Infinite Stillness of Being and Its Awareness.

You, the Ultimate Unity in all the diversity of Being, are the only

One for whom we strive. We meditate on You as the Silence and the

Supreme Observer of all.


We think of You, we concentrate on You, we meditate on You as the

the Most Righteous, Supreme Leader, of all the Worlds. Thank You

for teaching us that we are Eternal Spirit, Soul, in quality One with

You, not the temporary material body, mind, intellect, or ego.


We do not have to save the world. We do not have to wait

until everyone else is ready. We can think of You right now,

meditate on You, and begin to live again in our universe of

Peace. You who pervade, and are beyond, every ray of light

and every vibration. You are our earliest condition of

existence, and You are available here in this moment.


We meditate on You as this Supreme, Eternal, Most Subtle

Power Force pervading and transcending all interior and

exterior worlds. Our evolution up through the different

stages of our spiritual transformation depends on our

remembrance of You, the Substratum of all beings.