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Raja Yoga

Meditation 18

Thank You Aum. Thank You Bha. Thank You Gye Nyame.

Thank You Aum. Thank You Bha. Thank You Gayatri.

Editing going on from here.  05/20/22


You are Eternal Spirit, beyond unity,

 non unity, all dualities, bodily distinctions,

 languages, and nationalities.”  Meditating

 on You, we are exercising ways and means 

of organizing, cultivating and unfolding 

our Original Divinity from the innermost 

Silence of Being. You are here, right now,

Omnipresent in this  moment.


We meditate on You, Ever-Present, 

Supreme Reality of all. You pervade and

 transcend the five material elements: 

Earth, water, fire, air, and ether.

 Thank You for teaching us how to

uncover our honor, courage, fitness, 

and love for all sentient beings by 

meditating on You.


We meditate on You as within and

 beyond the moving and immovable.

 This meditation practice cleanses 

our consciousness, awareness, and



We meditate on You as the 

indistractable,  Supreme Intelligence.

Meditating thusly, consciousness,

 awareness, and intelligence align

 with You.  This awakens us back into

 union with You again.

continue editing here next.  05/20/22


We meditate on You as the One, Omnipresent,

Divinity within all, Pure Intelligence, in and beyond

its vast and variegated costumes, disguises, and levels

of consciousness and awareness. 


Thank You for helping

us to know, from research, observation, experience, and

reflection, the importance of meditating on You.


We meditate on You as Pure, Immaculate Intelligence, within and beyond our consciousness,

awareness, and lower intelligence. that from whom all intelligence is born. 



You are smaller than the smallest 

and bigger than the biggest, simultaneously.  Therefore, You are

within and beyond all dualities such as

form and formlessness, life and death, duality and non-



We meditate on You as the Most Pure Witness of all

consciousness our original healthy, uncontaminated



The more we associate with You through our

spiritual practice, the healthier, quiet and pure, free from

thoughts, is our consciousness. We meditate on this.


We think of You, we concentrate on You, we meditate on You

as the source of the changeless peace which is always here.

Thank You for helping us to understand how to think of You,

concentrate on You, and meditate on You.


The more our consciousness is cleansed by meditating on You,

the more we are in harmony with You and open to Your

Grace and Mercy. 


We are empowered by Your Grace to

integrate this spiritual practice of always thinking of You

into meditating on You while we engage in mundane



Real freedom is eternal, full of unlimited knowledge and

bliss. This is attained by meditating on You.  This is

 enhanced by chanting Your Holy Names.

Thus, we become more devoted to You, worshiping

You and surrendering all to You with unselfish love.


We meditate on You as the Supreme, Eternal, Unchanging,

Immovable, Ultimate Witness, within and beyond Silence, Space,

the Sound of space, and beyond the most subtle blue Blackness of

Space which can be experienced just before the light of dawn. We

meditate on You as the Premier Witness of this awareness and of all



We meditate on You as the Unmovable, Unchangeable Power that

moves the Sun, the Moon, the Stars and Gravity. Thank You

for encouraging us to pray, study the scriptures and to

meditate on You.


We meditate on You as the Supreme Witness, within and beyond

all concep​ts and understanding of nature. We meditate on You as

within and beyond all levels of consciousness, changing and



You are the Light From Above and from all angles; Its Source. We thank You

for teaching us how to research, keep an open mind, think critically,

evaluate, extend meaning, come to our own unbiased conclusions,

and to meditate ever better.