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Raja Yoga

Meditation 18

Thank You Aum. Thank You Bha. Thank You Gye Nyame.

Thank You Aum. Thank You Bha. Thank You Gayatri.

Editing going on from here.  12/04/21


We meditate on You, Ever-Present, Supreme Reality of all.

You pervade and transcend the five material elements: Earth,

water, fire, air, and ether. Thank You for teaching us how to

uncover our honor, courage, fitness, and love for all sentient

beings by meditating on You.


We meditate on You as within and beyond the moving and

immovable. We meditate on You as the Undistractable,

Supreme Awareness. This meditation practice cleanses our

consciousness and brings us back into Your likeness



We meditate on You as the One, Omnipresent,

Divinity within all, Pure Intelligence, in and beyond

its vast and variegated costumes, disguises, and levels

of consciousness and awareness. Thank You for helping

us to know, from research, observation, experience, and

reflection, the importance of meditating on You.


We meditate on You as Pure, Immaculate Awareness, within and beyond Consciousness,

that from whom all is born. Beyond all dualities such as

form and formlessness, life and death, duality and non-

duality. You are smaller than the smallest and bigger

than the biggest, simultaneously. 


We meditate on You as the Most Pure Witness of all

consciousness our original healthy, uncontaminated

consciousness. The more we associate with You through our

spiritual practice, the healthier, quiet and pure, free from

thoughts, is our consciousness. We meditate on this.


We think of You, we concentrate on You, we meditate on You

as the source of the changeless peace which is always here.

Thank You for helping us to understand how to think of You,

concentrate on You, and meditate on You.


The more our consciousness is cleansed by meditating on You,

the more we are in harmony with You and open to Your

Grace and Mercy. We are empowered by Your Grace to

integrate this spiritual practice of always thinking of You

into meditating on You while we engage in mundane


Editing 12/04/21




Real freedom is eternal, full of unlimited knowledge and

bliss. This is attained by meditating on You. Meditating on You

is enhanced by chanting Your Holy Names.

This helps us become more devoted to You, worshiping

You and surrendering all to You with unselfish love.


We meditate on You as the Supreme, Eternal, Unchanging,

Immovable, Ultimate Witness, within and beyond Silence, Space,

the Sound of space, and beyond the most subtle blue Blackness of

Space which can be experienced just before the light of dawn. We

meditate on You as the Premier Witness of this awareness and of all



We meditate on You as the Unmovable, Unchangeable Power that

moves the Sun, the Moon, the Stars and Gravity. Thank You

for encouraging us to pray, study the scriptures and to

meditate on You.


We meditate on You as the Supreme Witness, within and beyond

all concep​ts and understanding of nature. We meditate on You as

within and beyond all levels of consciousness, changing and



We think of You, concentrate on You, and meditate on

You as the invisible Power which pervades, transcends, and

can positively transform all beings who sincerely strive to

become conscious of You.


You are the Light From Above and from all angles;  Its Source. We thank You

for teaching us how to research, keep an open mind, think critically,

evaluate, extend meaning, come to our own unbiased conclusions,

and to meditate ever better.



We meditate on You as the Most Near, the Eye of all eyes, and

the Ear of all ears. We think of You as the Source of

all sounds, the incomparable Power of the

multidimensional universes. Truly, we meditate on You

as the Divine Source that is powering all Sentient Beings

throughout the cosmic manifestations.​ 


This way back here to You is rooted in various means of

thinking of You: meditating on You, Calling out Your Names,

Submitting all to You, witnessing the Silence, and witnessing

witnessing, awareness of awareness ad infinitum.

100 Benefits of meditation

Admin 9th July 2017 100 Benefits of meditation 2017-07-09T15:14:05-07:00Spirituality

1- Reduces oxygen intake.

2- Reduces the rate of respiration

3- Strengthens blood circulation.

4- Enables you to exercise more.

5- Provides physical relaxation.

6- Reduces high blood pressure.

7- Lessens anxiety attacks.

8- Removes muscle tension

9- Cures allergies, arthritis etc.

10- Removes or lessens Pre-menstrual Syndrome symptoms.

11- Aggravates the process of healing post operations pains.

12- Improves immune system.

13- Prevents virus from entering

14- Provides energy, strength and vigour.

15- Aids in weight and fat reduction

16- Damages fewer tissues

17- Improves the quality of your skin

18- Reduces the ill effects of cholesterol in your body.

19- Enhances proper breathing.

20- Slows down the aging agents

21- Increases Dehydroepiandrosterone

22- Protects from chronic diseases

23- Reduces sweating

24- Heals headaches

25- Improves the functioning of the brain

26- Helps maintain good health

27- Helps in conserving energy

28- Improves performance in sports

29- Provides relief from asthma

30- Increases stamina

31- Tones your body

32- Endocrine system functions better

33- Improves the functioning of the nervous system

34- Improves memory and retention power

35- Heals infertility

Psychological benefits:

36- Enhances self confidence

37- Cause happy mood and improves general behaviour

38- Helps overcome phobias and fears

39- Increases control on ones own thoughts

40- Increases concentration span

41- Enhances creativity

42- Makes surrounding happenings coherent to the brain.

43- Refines learning capacity

44- Helps rejuvenate

45- Helps in maintaining emotional stability.

46- Enables maintaining good relationships

47- Keeps the mind fresh

48- Makes it convenient to give up bad habits

49- Helps understand things intuitively

50- Makes you more productive

51- Helps enhance human relationship

52- Broadens outlook

53- Limits and reduces irritation

54- Makes one capable of solving difficult problems

55- Builds character

56- Strengthens will power

57- Proper functioning of the human brain

58- Makes you witty and alert

59- Improves perceptual capacity

60- Increases intelligence

61- Increases satisfaction quotient

62- Improves intimate contact with loves ones

63- Reduces risk of mental illness

64- Improves social skills

65- Makes less aggressive

66- Aids to reduce or quit habits like smoking, alcohol consumption

67- Lessens the need for medication

68- Cures insomnia

69- Reduces the need to sleep excessively

70- Makes one more responsible

71- Aids in fighting against road rage

72- Reduces restless, unrequired thinking

73- Decreases worry level

74- Improves listening ability

75- Aids making value judgement

76- Improves tolerance level

77- Enhances constructive activities

78- Strengthens and improves personality

79- Helps in developing emotional maturity

Spiritual benefits:

80- Helps keeping priorities straight.

81- Enhances peace of mind.

82- Removes existential crises

83- Brings you closer to reality

84- Makes you a compassionate person

85- Increases wisdom

86- Enhances the ability to understand oneself and others better

87- Harmonies body, mind and soul

88- Lead to spiritual relaxation

89- Increases self esteem

90- Gives you the ability to forgive

91- Enhances positive attitude in life

92- Makes you more spiritual

93- Brings you closer to attaining enlightenment

94- Helps making better decisions

95- Enables one to live in the moment

96- Makes you an affectionate, loving person

97- Helps overcome ego problems

98- Helps attain inner peace and profound knowledge

99- Creates a sense of unity and “Oneness”

100- Makes one feel better

The good news about meditation is that is costs no money. It is extremely simple and can be

done by anyone. In addition to that meditation can be practiced

at any time and anywhere. The best thing about meditation is that it has no side effects.