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Raja Yoga

Meditation 15

Thank You Aum. Thank You Bha. Thank You Gye Nyame.

Thank You Aum. Thank You Bha. Thank You Gayatri.


 We meditate on You as the boundless

Silence, here before the beginning,

 middle, and end. 


We meditate on You as the

 Zero Point and beyond, the Infinite 

Stillness of Being, beyond the nadir 

and the apex. 


We meditate on You and are gradually

cleansed and redeemed of the sin and

bondage of ignorance.  It is this

 purification process that is

    reestablishing us, consciously, in

 Your Eternal Freedom.


We meditate on You as the Light of 

Divine Intelligence beyond the

 thought, the thinking, the thinker, 

and all the noise, energy, frequency,

 and vibration of the so called mind.

You are the Immeasurable Intelligence

that is within and beyond all. We

enlighten our intelligence by meditating

on You as the Witness of the Silence.

We identify with You more as we

continue to meditate on You as our

Supreme Intelligence, within and beyond



As we meditate on You, we open the

 doors  and shutters of our consciousness

 to the purifying light of Your association. 

In this light, we shed layers of ignorance 

from our thoughts and experience the

fact that the Self and You, are in reality



By meditating on You, gradually we 

can see that You, the Most Perfect

 Peace, are always here with us. By

 meditating on You our consciousness, 

   awareness, and intelligence are purified 

    and we can see better how to awaken to 



 We meditate on You as our Supreme

 Being.  Gradually we see that the

 Source of all beauty and grace, the 

   ultimate Goal of all life, the Most High, 

    the Greatest Being, before whom all are

equal, is our own Light of  Divine 

Intelligence.  It is within and beyond

 our present states of intelligence, 

awareness, and consciousness as the

 Eternal Now.


We meditate on You as the Most 

Subtle Intelligence. You are in all 

beings and all beings are within You. 

Yet, You are beyond all as Supreme

 Intelligence, the Source and substance

  of all consciousness, awareness, and 

   all levels of intelligence.


The highest meditating on You that we

 do is meditating on You as we 

remember You, Kundalini. We can

 only remember You as Kundalini 

because when we are in Kundalini, there

 is no knower, knowledge, knowing and 



 Our History and Spirituality inform

 us that we can have an ever more

 fulfilling and productive life by 

meditating on You.  We know this 

from our research, knowledge, 

observation, experience and 



 Any place, any time, we can, and

 do, meditate on You as Silence and

Its Supreme Witness. We meditate 

on the presence of Silence, and the 

    Innermost, Omnipresent, Omniscient 

      Self within us as Its Supreme Witness.


We know from experience, the more 

we meditate on You, the more 

we are purified and righteousness 

in our dealings with all; treating 

them as we would like to be treated.


We are more cultivated and well, in

 terms of taste, intelligence, creativity, 

mental acumen, physical health,

  empathy, sympathy and compassion.  

This is happening as a result of Your

 association through meditation


We meditate on You as the only One 

who pervades and transcends the silence

 and sound. The more we meditate on 

You in this way, the more we awake in 

the Omnipresence of You.


We meditate on You as Supreme in all

 directions.  Concepts, levels of 

consciousness,  awareness, and

 degrees of intelligence, are all 

contained within Your Infinite 



We meditate on You as our most 

loving, quiet Inner Voice.  The more

 we meditate on You in this way, 

we become aware of Your Righteous

 Guidance which is beneficial to all.


We meditate on You as the Eternal,

Omnipotent, Omnipresent,

 Omniscient, Most Righteous 

In-dweller of all.  You are present 

everywhere, the Source of our 

thoughts, and the basis and feeder 

 of our intelligence, awareness, and