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Raja Yoga

Meditation 1

Thank You Aum. Thank You Bha. Thank You Gye Nyame.

Thank You Aum. Thank You Bha. Thank You Gayatri.


We remember You by meditating on

You: We meditate on Your Names, we

meditate on You as Omnipresent,

Omniscient, and Omnipotent. We also

meditate on You as the Ultimate Knower

of knowing, the Knower of space, the 

blank, and we meditate on You as the last 

Knower of Silence.  This is our Raja Yoga.


Peace of mind and its control are 

experienced by fixing the consciousness,  

awareness and intelligence on You.

 This can be done by the spiritual practice

 of prayer, study, nonviolent sacrifice and

service to You, along with right association,

and meditation on You.


At the Sixth Chakra, Looking from the Third Eye, also known

as the Pineal gland, place the tip of the tongue as far back on

the roof of your mouth as possible, in the vicinity below the Pineal

Gland, and hold it there as long as comfortable. Swallow or move

the tongue if necessary but put it back in place, as far back on the

roof of the mouth as comfortable, immediately.


(1) While the tip of the tongue is in place as far back on the roof of the

mouth as comfortable, (2) be aware of the breathing, (3) be aware of the

imageless infinity of Space, and (4) be aware of the "Sound" of

Silence. We are aware of four things here. Lastly, we are and are

aware of Awareness Itself. This practice gets easier, more pleasant

and rewarding, with practice. Gradually, the consciousness is free

from thoughts and enjoys Its natural fulfillment and blissful



Meditating from the Sixth Chakra with the tongue as far back

on the roof or palate of the mouth as possible and comfortable,

being aware of Silence, Space, and the body breathing, is our

meditation practice. Very few, if any thoughts can intrude into

our consciousness. We will experience fewer and fewer thoughts

and ever deeper and more rejuvenating levels of Ecstatic,



Constant practice of this meditation technique will lead

to the stillness that enables us to experience and to know,

increasingly, the Omnipresence of our own Supreme Being.

Gradually, we will experience, in the light of our research

observation, and practice, the fact that we are the Eternal,

Pure Intelligence that pervades and transcends

 consciousness, awareness, and lower intelligence.


The more we are meditate on You, the more we are in alignment with You.

Gradually, we are in greater harmony with the Spirit of our most Righteous

Ancestors. Thus, the better we are able to live in harmony and peace with

our environment. We meditate on You as the One, The Supreme, Eternal,

Transpersonal Being, the Source of all courage, beauty, creativity, patience,

and endurance,


We align with You by meditating on You as Silence and Imageless space,

 while our tongue is at the roof of the back of our mouth, and while we 

are aware of the breath our body is breathing. We meditate on You as the

 Eternal Light shining on all  of "This" and as the Eternal Light of Divine 

Intelligence shining on Itself.


We meditate on You as Divine Reality, Supernatural Being, the Primeval Energy,

the Life Force, the Prana, Ultimate, Pure Consciousness and Awareness. As

far as our research, observation and experience has revealed, there is no truth

Greater than You. Thank You for helping us come back to You, the Greatest

Truth, through this spiritual practice of meditating on You.


We meditate on You as that Ultimate Awareness pervading and transcending body, mind,

intelligence, and ego. We mediate on You, from the Sixth Chakra by focusing on the

imageless Supreme Space and the "Sound" of Silence. 


Always thinking of You and meditating on is are our best means of attaining You.

You are our Greatest Benefit, our Best End. Thank You for helping us to be aware of

Your Loving Presence, in this moment.


Avadhuta Gita of Dattatreya

" Understand that the Self is the continuous Being, The One within all, without any

division. The "I" is both the subject and the supreme object of meditation; How can

you see two in That which is One?"


Chapter 1, Verse 12


As our consciousness becomes more purified by meditating on You as the Most

Subtle Supreme Truth, we gradually release all names and forms and meditate

on You as Awareness of Infinite, imageless Space, Awareness of the "Sound"

of the Silence of Being, the "Sound" of the Self, and Awareness of Awareness.


We continue to keep our "mind" open for greater truths, and meditate on You as

Supreme Truth, the Awareness containing, pervading and transcending the

"Nothing" that is here before during and after the creation, maintenance and

destruction of the Cosmic Manifestations. 


We think of You, we concentrate on You, we meditate on You as the One from whom vast

and variegated creations, are engendered, maintained, and annihilated; yet, You always

remain the same, the Supreme Absolute, Changeless One, within and beyond change,

and all other dualities.


It is by thinking of You constantly that we purify our consciousness and are able to

meditate on You, behind the eyes from the Third Eye, as the Source of Space and

Silence. We meditate on You as the Be All and End All of life, the Moral Absolute,

the Source of all Holiness and strength. Knowing about of You, always thinking of

You, and meditating on You, are our primary means of attaining You. 


We meditate on You as the all pervasive One who pervades and transcends all parts of

speech, designations, and descriptions. We meditate on You as the Source of the upper

soul, lower soul, I and I, Atma and Param Atma.


Meditating on You is our primary method of purifying our Pineal Gland, the seat of

consciousness, and the path to the Seventh Seal, the Gateway to Your Infinite Awareness.

Thus, we purify and raise our awareness of Awareness to ever greater levels of Awareness.

"Meditation is not something that should be done in a particular position at a particular

time. It is an awareness and an attitude that must persist throughout the day."

– Annamalai Swami