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Raja Yoga

Mantra Meditation 2

Thank You Aum. Thank You Bha. Thank You Gye Nyame.

Thank You Aum. Thank You Bha. Thank You Gayathri.


The positive results of the Meditation

Practice of chanting Your Holy Names

are directly perceptible through

realization, experience.


All the Major Spiritual traditions

and our personal experience testify that

Chanting Your Holy Names help to

awaken and transform us into more

Godly beings.


Thank You for helping us remember

You. The beginning of remembering

You, for many of us, is the Meditation

Practice of chanting Your Holy



We know, from research, practice,

experience, and reflection, that the

Meditation Practice of chanting

Your Holy names is transforming us

from foolishness to ever increasing

sanity and tranquility. 


Assuredly, Meditation on You as the

tranquility of Silence and Space helps

us to be comfortably here, back home

in Everlasting, Omnipresent, Peace.


By the grace and mercy of Meditation

on Your Holy Names we are

experiencing our original nature

which transcends the sufferings of



We know from research, observation,

and experience that this Meditation

Practice of chanting Your Holy Names

with each incoming and out going

breath is working for us.


It, this Meditation Practice, is

transforming the lust we harbored

into love, anger into compassion, and

greed into charity.


Real work on oneself means working to

purify ones consciousness of the

intoxicants: Anger, lust, greed, illusion,

madness, and envy.


Those poisons enter the consciousness,

pollute it, and cause it to attract

negative thoughts, thoughts that attract

us away from You.


Negative thoughts cause consciousness,

and awareness to come out of 

alignment with You.  As this happens, 

we act in ignorance.  Karma is just

 cause and effect.  Ignorance is no 

excuse as far as Karma is concerned.


It is nonalignment with You which

   causes us think, feel, will, and do 

in ignorance and impurity.  Those 

actions That causes us to experience

 the sufferings of the illusory worlds.


With persistent chanting of Your

Holy names, we are increasingly able

to bring consciousness, awareness, and

intelligence back into their natural

state of alignment with You.


The more we come back into

alignment with You we are purified, 

evolving slowly, awakening, and 

reentering the tranquil bliss of

Your Glory.


We Meditate on You as the Most Pure,

Eternal, Light of Divine Intelligence,

within and beyond Sound, Space,

Silence, and all. WE remember You as 

  Kundalini, within and beyond, Knower, 

Knowledge, and Known.


Before we rest at night, we come to our

meditation place. There we chant Your

Name with every breath, or watch the 

air coming in and out the nostrils, while

chanting Your Holy Names.  Then too,

we are offering You everything.


We also meditate on You as the

pervader, transcender and the

knower of Space and Silence.  We also

 remember You as within and beyond

 Space, Silence, Knower, Knowledge, 

and Known.


Meditating on You is association

with You. By associating with You

  we are purified of lust, anger, greed,

 illusion, madness, and envy. This 

happens as we are purified by Your

 association and realigned with You.


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Everlasting Omnipresent Peace

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