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Raja Yoga

Mantra Meditation 17

Thank You Aum. Thank You Bha. Thank You Gye Nyame.

Thank You Aum. Thank You Bha. Thank You Gayathri.


We take refuge in You to be free

from Maya's plantation of suffering.

The beginning of being free is always

thinking of You. We do this by calling

out, chanting softly, loudly, or silently,

Your Holy Names. 


Calling out Your Names, we are

able to remember You more. We are

increasingly able to do this while awake,

during sleep, dream states existence. 


As we chant Your Names our

consciousness gradually returns to its

pure quiet state. Slowly, we awaken into

Your unlimited reservoir of Being, the

Light of Divine Intelligence.


Chanting Your Holy Names are the

nonviolent sacrifices we offer to You

with all the devotion and love we can

presently command.


Chanting the Holy Names are some

of our ancient spiritual practices.

They have been used since time

immemorial to purify the

consciousness, awareness, and



You are within and beyond Maya

and all other degrees of illusion.

Chanting Your Holy names, we are

rising out of the suffering of Maya

and are consciously being

reestablished in Your Peace.


It is our sacred privilege to be

able to remember You and Your Holy

Holy Names while we go about our

mundane affairs. This way we are

constantly engaged in awakening in



The more our consciousness is

clean and quiet by virtue of chanting

Your Holy Names, the better we can

follow ¥our Most Righteous Guidance

all the time.


The more we remember You by chanting

Your Holy Names, the more we are

empowered to turn from wickedness.

This is how we break free, transcend

Maya and align with Your Divine

Intelligence again.


Chanting Your Holy Names, we are

cultivating our life from that of a

brute, to that of a human being.

From the life of a human being, we

are awakening to You, our original



This spiritual practice of chanting

Your Holy Names is a civilizing

process that is cultivating and raising

us to ever greater levels of compassion

and Peace.


Chanting Your Holy Names is helping

to raise our consciousness, awareness,

and intelligence to a more compassionate

understanding of the plight all Sentient

Beings in the worlds of Maya.


You are first and foremost in all

our endeavors. All that we do

for the uplift of all, we do first

as an offering to You. Thank You

for helping us in our efforts to

remember You by chanting Your

Holy Names. 


We chant Your Holy Names and think

of You as the Most Wise, the Greatest

Power, the Supreme Being of our

understanding and life.   


We chant Your Holy Names, knowing You

pervade and transcend all names. We think of

You as incomparable, beyond sound and form

There is no second with whom we can compare You.


Thoughts cease invading our consciousness the

more we chant Your Holy Names. Gradually we see

and understand, there is nothing, except for You.

Chanting Your Holy Names are the first steps in

solving the problems facing our existence in the

various universes. 


Thank You for helping us remember to chant

Your Holy Names. This purifies us and exposes

the Divine Love at the core of our being.


Armed with this Supreme Love, attained by

chanting Your Holy Names, we are cool, calm, and

collected, not afraid, frustrated, nor confused when

the triple illusions of Maya: Anger, lust, and greed,

try to enter or enter our consciousness, awareness,

or intelligence.