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Raja Yoga

Mantra Meditation 15

Thank You Aum. Thank You Bha. Thank You Gye Nyame.

Thank You Aum. Thank You Bha. Thank You Gayathri.


You are Greater than the Most High,

 and the Most Low.  Chanting Your 

Holy Names and offering all to You,

  we are remembering You, regaining

 our freedom, our wellness, our 

sanity, and most of all, we are 

regaining You. 


Who we really are is Eternal Pure

Intelligence, Creativity, and Bliss,

Kundalini. Thank You for helping us

by permeating and enlightening our

intelligence, awareness, and

consciousness with Your Light of 

Divine Intelligence.  


In Silence, and Kundalini, we are one

with You. Silence is the tranquil bliss,

permeating all being. Kundalini is the

Ecstatic Vibratory unspeakable, 

radiating and illuminating Beingness

 beyond bliss, permeating the universe.


 We can be purified of lust, anger, greed,

 illusion, madness, and envy by chanting 

Your Holy Names and offering You

 everything; remembering You as 

   Kundalini, beyond, knower, knowledge,

 and known.  


From our memory, it seems to have

 been Your Infinite Grace and 

Causeless Mercy alone that caused us 

to experience You as our Most Vibrant 

Kundalini, the Self of all Selves, the 

Source of energy, frequency, and 



Longing for You and remembering You

 progressively, we are experiencing  Your 

tranquil presence more.  Submitting all

to You and calling Your Name, we are

 experiencing Hu we really are; the

 tranquil presence, beyond the body, 

consciousness, awareness, and 



As we chant Your Holy Names and 

offer You everything, we are associating

 with You more.  This is happening, and

 we are slowly understanding and 

experiencing what love is.


 Notwithstanding our meager love for You, 

we know we need You.  That's for sure.  Our 

love and longing for conscious union with 

You, we are beginning to understand and 

feel, as we chant Your Holy Names and 

offer You everything.


To deny Your existence means to deny

our own existence. This we cannot do.

We cannot deny that we exist. You are

our Source. This we know. We see You

within our own being existing as the

seeing of eye, hearing of ear, Knower

of knowing, and beyond.  


The experience of Kundalini shows us 

that You are here, now, always existing 

as the Supreme Bliss Over Flowing Self, 

within and beyond the self of knower, 

knowledge, and Known. 


Your healing, loving radiance, is beyond

thoughts and so-called mind. The more

we chant Your Name, the more we

comprehend everything.


  The thoughts are not You. But then

 neither are the consciousness, awareness, 

and intelligence. You are the Kundalini, 

Vibrant, beautiful, and bliss, beyond 

knower, knowledge, and known. 

 Conscious Union with our Kundalini is 

what we truly miss.



This longing to be united consciously wth 

Kundalini is driving all other drives for

 sense gratification.  The more we chant 

Your Holy Names and offer You 

everything, we are gradually purified 

of bodily identification and desire for 

sense gratification.


The chanting of Your Holy Names and 

offering You everything has resurrected us

 from a more or less dead level.  It is 

continuing to awaken and clean us from

 the contamination of material

 identification. With exceedingly quiet 

awareness  and consciousness, we are 

resurrecting to Life Everlasting.


You are the power and bliss which 

animates this body.  But like the 

proverbial Musk Deer, we are searching

 frantically and futilely for the beautiful 

fragrance outside of ourselves.


  Enlightened Intelligence, which is coming

 back to us as a consequence of chanting 

 Your Holy Names and offering You 

everything, is showing us how to come 

within ourselves to the  treasure that 

is ours, and which we had  almost 

   forgotten in our mad pursuit for sense  



Chanting Your Holy Names, slowly we

 awakening to the fact that You are the 

greatest redeemer. Your causeless mercy 

is always here. 


 The more we chant Your Holy Names,

 and offer You everything, we are purified

 and turn from our wicked ways.  We stop

 making bad Karma, or good Karma, and 

as a result, our suffering gradually ends.