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Raja Yoga

Mantra Meditation 1

Thank You Aum. Thank You Gye Nyame.

Thank You Aum. Thank You Gayathri.


We meditate on You as the One Divine

Intelligence which pervade darkness

and light, day and night, twilight and

dawn, miseries and fun.


Your infinitude is within and beyond all

all names and concepts. The space

between subatomic particles is infused

by You. You are everywhere.


We are chanting Your Holy Names

as a Meditation Practice. We know,

as a consequence of this practice, our

intelligence is being enlightened.


With constantly enlightened intelligence,

we are experiencing You as You are:

Here within and beyond our present

consciousness, awareness, and



While cleaning and quieting our

consciousness of unedifying thoughts,

chanting Your Holy Name is blessing us

with Your purifying association.


Your association is purifying us of the

sin and ignorance of anger, lust, and

greed. Thus, we are awakening to an

ever more happy and fulfilled life.


We are Meditating on You as this

Divine Intelligence which pervades

and transcends Space, Silence;

Material and Spiritual.


Meditating on You, we are awakening

and seeing that You are our Divine

Intelligence ad infinitum, looking out

through our own eyes and listening

through our own ears. 


We are Meditating on You by chanting

Your Holy Names.  Gradually we are

awakening and remembering the 

  Self ultimately as as Kundalini.  This 

vibratory,  indescribable ecstasy is

  within and beyond Silence, Space, 

    Knower, Knowledge, and Known.


Changeless Energy.  We are looking

out through this one body as

Consciousness, Awareness, and

Intelligence.  However, within and

     beyond all this is Kundalini;  Verily, 

this thou art.


Meditating on Your Omnipresence we

are awakening and seeing Your

Omnipresence, everywhere, more

subtle than space and silence, within

and beyond all bodies.

We can Meditate by chanting a number

of words or even numbers to help keep

thoughts out of our consciousness.


However, we have research and

experience to substantiate the fact

that chanting Your Holy Names is the

best way to keep thoughts out of our

 consciousness and to experience Your 



Thinking is a process of entertaining

one or a number of thoughts. When

we concentrate we focus on one 

subject to the exclusion of others.


When time to Meditate, using our 

mantra, breathing techniques or 

other meditation tools, we keep all

 thoughts out of consciousness, and

 awareness.  Focusing entirely on 

You.  Gradually, we settle back into

 Your Eternal, Omnipresent, Peace. 


Meditating on You and settling back

into Your Eternal, Omnipresent, Peace,

we are better organized within ourselves.

This helps us better organize with others.


Seeing the self as spirit and Meditating by

chanting Your Holy Names and 

offering You everything, is a practical

solution to the troubles of the world.


We Meditate on You as the Light of

Divine Intelligence pervading and

transcending the space between

Subatomic particles, and Quarks,

  in and beyond the Galaxies.  Beyond 

  that, we remember You and meditate

 on You as the Kundalini, beyond 

Knower, Knowledge, and Known.


Through meditation, we have seen You 

in and beyond "No-Thing", the blank

 space between subatomic particles.  

Surely, You are the Source of the the 

Original "I" thought.  It is contained 

   within You, during its birth, growth, 

and declination.  By Your grace, 

we remember too, the experience of 

You as Kundalini.


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