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Thank You Aum. Thank You Gye Nyame.

Thank You Aum. Thank You Gayatri.

Service to Divinity is Service

 to Humanity and all Being(s).

Service to Divinity first.

Serve God, serve all.

Love God, Love all.


Our Word drives home the point that Divine

Intelligence pervades and transcends

Consciousness and Awareness.


We are in quality one with Divine

Intelligence. This is the Omnipresent,

Omnipotent, Omniscient, Eternal One.

The author refers to It as You. 


Whether we call You Super Soul, Divine

Intelligence, or any of Your other names

It is all You. We are striving for excellence

in our presentations of these Hymns and

Thanksgiving to You.


The reminder from Our Word is, we are not

the temporary material body with an eternal

Soul. We are the eternal Soul with the

temporary material body.  


This knowledge of soul and Super Soul

is the Indigenous Spirituality of the Earth.

We can know this ancient Truth from

research, comprehension, experience,

reflection, and meditation.


Throughout this discourse, called Our Word,

the word "You" is used to signify the Greatest

Being, Supreme Intelligence. 


Divine Intelligence, according to Our Word,

is the undifferentiated, Indivisible, Supreme

Absolute, beyond all dualities. This Source

of all thought, knowledge, intelligence,

energy, fame, purity, beauty, and morality

is You.


According to the research, observation, and

experience, of the authors of Our Word, at

the base of all consciousness, awareness and

intelligence are "You", Divine Intelligence.


The Eternal, Most Pure and Serene, Loving

Awareness, the Source of Unlimited

Comprehension and Vibratory Bliss is also



Our Word is an adaptation, modification, and

application of the ancient Indigenous

Spirituality of the Earth.  


Drawing from ancient and modern Europe,

Asia, Africa, and the Pacific, Our Word is

here to help us be victorious in our struggle

to overcome Maya.


Maya is the Illusory Energy that has many

in the material world suffering under its

intoxicating spell of material sense



The spiritual practice recommended by Our

Word is centered in associating with You.

All that we think, feel, will, say and do, is

done as offerings to You. This association

purifies our consciousness, awareness, and

intelligence. Gradually we overcome



Offerings to You are various methods of

remembering You, thus associating with You.

Doing this, we align our consciousness,

awareness, and intelligence with You.

Thus overcoming Maya, we are reestablished

in Divine Intelligence.


Gradually, aligning all with You, we attain

freedom from the suffering imposed on us

by Maya. As we leave Maya, simultaneously,

we are attaining union with You, the goal

of Yoga.


We suffer with spiritual, intellectual, so-

called mental, and physical problems

because we have fallen into Maya,

Your illusory energy.  


Our Word is knowledge for purification and

liberation from slavery in Maya. It reminds

us of various ancient methods of purifying

our consciousness, awareness, and



Purification and liberation are gained

through association with You. Always thinking

of You is the beginning and end of this

association. In this way, along with liberation

from Maya, we regain our dignity, integrity,

self-respect and real spiritual love for

ourselves and others.