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  Everlasting Omnipresent Peace


Preface 6

The more our Pineal Gland is purified by fixing our mind on You, the Most Pure, the greater the purification of our consciousness. As this happens, our thoughts, feelings, willings, and doings are expressed in an increasingly ethical manner. Thank You for inspiring us to think critically for ourselves in the clear light of evidence.

Therefore, we are researching and practicing ancient Nile and Indus valley spiritual disciplines, to experience who we are in spirit and in truth. Consequently, we are conducting ourselves, evermore, in the most ethical manner. Gradually, we are experiencing the spiritual reality of the Self and the tranquil bliss of our Ever Higher, more fulfilling nature.  

This frequently updated presentation of Our Word is inspired by You, the most Ethical, The Most Perfect One. Nonetheless, we know there must be irregularities, spelling errors, typos, punctuation and other errors in this presentation, because of the impurities and egoism of lower consciousness.

However, we are confident these errors will be pressed out the more our intelligence is purified through our association with You, the Supreme Righteous One, the Most Perfect, the Eternal, Divine Presence, within all.

Everyone, regardless of heritage, tribe, educational level, wealth, religion, culture, class, color, creed, race, or species of life, can ascend to ever greater benefits from the spiritual practices and revelations freely offered here as Our Word.

The more we fix our mind on You, we sober up and progress back into consciousness with You. In Our Word we are encouraged and given many techniques for fixing the mind on You and thus purifying our consciousness.

Fixing the mind on You helps us become ever more emotionally detached from the temporary material world and increasingly attached to the eternal spiritual world which pervades and transcends all worlds. This is the central teaching and crux of the spiritual practices and progress elaborated upon and offered as Our Word. They center on getting us to fix our mind on You.

You are the Supreme Imperceivable. Our knowledge, experience, and practice indicates that as we continue practicing the techniques presented in Our Word, our efforts of presenting this ancient philosophy and spiritual culture will become more lucid, coherent, and easy to follow. 

Ignorance of Self is at the root of the problems we encounter as we try to live in peace and contentment in the temporary worlds of illusion, the material worlds. We must wake up, sober up, separate from the material world, continue to purify our Pineal Gland and thus clean up our consciousness.

You are our Eternal, Supreme Spirit. We purify our Pineal Gland and cleanse our consciousness of the toxins of lust, anger, greed, illusion, madness, and envy by always thinking of You. The more we do this, the more we live in the Spiritual World.

We know from research, observation, and experience that this Eternal Spiritual World, of Fulfillment, Infinite Peace, and conscious union with You, our Supreme Spirit, is available to us, right here, right now, in this present moment. We can experience it to the degree the consciousness is cleansed.

We are, by Your Mercy, inspired and are becoming ever more qualified to constantly edit, proof read, look and listen to Our Word. Gradually all, or most errors in this humble offering to You, the Supreme Intelligence of the Stillness of our Cosmic Manifestation, will be eradicated. Our Word is information about how we can get ever closer to You. It is offered first and foremost to You, for the edification of all. Let it be clearly shown and known that this is an offering to You alone and we seek only Your approval.

 According to Our Word, the Greatest, Most Righteous Consciousness/ Self/Spirit of all is You. To follow You with all the might of our body, mind, intelligence, and ego, is to exercise true intelligence and purpose in life. Our Word, by Your Grace, is here to assist in the accomplishment of this noble, most worthy endeavor.

Thank You for presenting to us, in Our Word, the purifying practice of Meditation on You through the normal breathing process, Silence, Mantra, and meditating from the center of the head, behind the eye brows, between the ears, with the tip of the tongue pressing into the soft back portion of the roof of the mouth. We do this while being conscious of the sound of silence/consciousness. These practices are easily available to those on earth as well as to other sentient beings throughout the cosmic manifestation. 

We are in the process of working out our salvation with diligence by doing all we do as an offering to You. This spiritual practice cleanses the Pineal Gland and thus purifies the consciousness. To the degree we relate to the spirit as the self and purify our consciousness, we get out of Maya, Your illusory energy. We shed ignorance of self and reclaim our eternal life of tranquil bliss.

This site, inspired by You is based and built on the ancient spiritual teachings of the indigenous people of the earth, particularly the spiritual knowledge left to us by the Saintly, Spiritual Elders of the ancient Nile and Indus Valley civilizations. They encourage us to always think of You, follow Righteousness, and Nurture our Divinity by offering all we think, feel, will, say, and do to You, our Supreme Being. In this ancient way, we return our consciousness to the likeness of Yours.

Our Elders have declared emphatically that the self is spirit and the Supreme Self is the Eternal and Greatest Spirit. They state that the first thing we should tell our children is that they are spirit, not the body, senses, mind, intelligence, nor the ego. The real purpose and goal of life, according to these Elders, is to submit to You constantly so that eventually we are again in conscious union with You, The Supreme, Selfless, Immortal, Omnipresent, Most Ethical Spirit of all.


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Everlasting Omnipresent Peace

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