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  Everlasting Omnipresent Peace


Preface 4

 These offerings, presented as Our Word, are dedicated and surrendered to You who are beyond material and spiritual, mind, intelligence, and ego. You pervade and transcend inner and outer, night and day, center and perimeter, destruction, maintenance, and restoration. 

Our Word states clearly and unambiguously that we can have various degrees of experience with Supreme Awareness by consciously associating with it through one or more of the spiritual practices articulated in Our Word. Gradually we have the constant living experience that Supreme Awareness is You, our Supreme Being.

Everlasting Omnipresent helps us to center the consciousness in and on You. Thus centered in You, the Most Pure, our Pineal Gland and consciousness are purified. Gradually our awareness returns to its original pure state which is constant and independent, in and beyond all levels of consciousness. 

 The more we see the self as Consciousness or Spirit, the more we separate from the illusion, Maya, and further engage in Spiritual practices that purify and expand our consciousness. As we sober up to the reality of our eternal, Spiritual life, we separate ever more from the mystery, Maya, Your illusory energy. Sobering up by always thinking of You we ascend to ever better and more tranquil states of our original consciousness. These states are ever further from the influence of Maya.

The more our original consciousness, energy, inspiration, and motivation, manifest in our daily life, the more we are truly fulfilled and gratified. This is our original condition: A fulfilled and happy life, full of unlimited, ecstatic bliss and understanding. These are truly the most positive and pure vibrations, the original vibrations emanating from the You, The Most Tranquil Self. 

 Surrendering all to You purifies the lower consciousness. Gradually, we shed layers of ignorance from our lower consciousness and return here to You where we have always been, albeit more or less unconscious. 

"Our Word", an offering to You, helps us return to eternal consciousness of You. May You, who pervade and transcend the universe, what to speak of shallow, artificial barriers of race, culture, nations, creeds or color, be pleased with our humble offerings of devotion and love.

By day and night, this spiritualization process, articulated as Our Word, is in place to restore the changeless memory of Self to all levels of consciousness. As this happens, our lower levels of consciousness are gradually reclaimed by the integrity of our original spiritual nature.

You, the beginning, middle, and end of all consciousness, are beyond knower, knowledge, and known. By constantly reminding us how to thank You, pray to You, praise You, serve You, and meditate on You, "Our Word" assists us in our efforts to raise our lower consciousness from more or less crude levels of existence to ever higher and purer states of awareness. The goal is You, the Supreme Awareness of all.

Raising our lower consciousness is done, not through endless, speculative, philosophical debates, or even waking up. We are already awake. We just have to sober up our lower levels of consciousness. Our Word, by Your Grace, is here to help us do this. As we do this we live evermore as our Original, Most Righteous Consciousness, in and beyond all time and levels of temporary existences.

All that we think, will, feel, say, and do, we offer/surrender/serve/submit to You, our Supreme Being. These are some of the sobering up, purification, consciousness expanding processes which You inspire and which we offer to You as "Our Word."


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Everlasting Omnipresent Peace

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