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  Everlasting Omnipresent Peace


Preface 2

The more we think of You and meditate on You, the more we, as awareness, become still, clear, and Divine again.

You are Supreme Spirit, the Most Subtle Livingforce, The One who pervades and transcends the Stillness, Silence, unconsciousness and consciousness. You are beyond names, forms, and formlessness, the only One worthy of worship. Thank You for accepting our humble offerings.

We are spirit...everlasting, and omnipresent. In our dream or intoxicated state, we seemingly are quantitatively different. However, as we sober up, we see that in quality as well as in our infinity, we are in union with You, our Source, our Supreme Being.

The material identification of the self is our sin-sick soul condition. When we begin to identify and live as Spirit, we are beginning to realize and live in our true nature of eternal wisdom, truth, and bliss; we are beginning to live in this state of consciousness even while we are seemingly encaged and entangled in the illusory worlds of Your inferior energy, Maya.  

The Spiritual Philosophy of Our Word is based, first and foremost, on the principle that we are not the products of temporary material nature. We are spirit...everlasting, and omnipresent, beyond beginning, middle, and end. We pervade and eternally transcend material nature.

Our Word is contemplation, concentration, and meditation. It purifies, sobers, expands and aligns our consciousness into harmony with its original, Supreme Condition of Eternal Pure Consciousness. This is our Best and Most Sober state of Supreme Being. It is the Supreme Unity which pervades and transcends all the myriad diversities of the Cosmic Manifestations.

Pure Spirit (Consciousness), pervades and transcends all things. It is our Most Sober Self, the Best Knower. Referred herein as You, the Eternal Witness, this Pure Awareness is also known as the Supreme Being. By associating with You through our spiritual practice, we purify our lives and are an increasingly better example of living a righteous life.

This spiritual practice shared by helps to purify and bring our total consciousness back into alignment with You, Supreme Awareness.

It is You alone who pervade and the transcend the Infinite Stillness of Being and space within which there are creations, maintenances, and annihilations of the cosmic manifestations.


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Everlasting Omnipresent Peace

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