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  Everlasting Omnipresent Peace


Preface I

By always thinking of You, in the light of spiritual identification of the self, our Pineal Gland and consciousness are purified, and we return to our original condition of Eternal, Pure Consciousness, Cosmic Awareness.

The benefits in Our Word help us to wake up, sober up, and clean up from the deep illusion of ignorance melted out by the illusory energy of Supreme Being. We gradually stop being doers of injustice and evil. Our compassion, clear and comprehensive thinking is always on the increase as we sober up to the Supreme Reality of this cosmic manifestation. These are surely priceless benefits.

Our Word shares its benefits freely regardless of superficial differences of race, tribe, wealth, age, health, development, creed, education, color, culture, or species of life. 

Assuredly, Our Word helps us to know the self. As a result of knowing the self, we respect the integrity and Divinity within the self and others. Let whomever can appreciate it, feast freely from this fount of 

 Desire to fulfill our hunger for eternal, inner joy and contentment, the Self, by temporary, cheap thrills causes suffering. The knowledge of self, kind, and Divine, available in Our Word, transcends the temporary worlds of suffering. Gradually this knowledge reestablishes us in our original position of Truth, Eternality, and Bliss. 

As a consequence of bathing our consciousness in the transcendental knowledge of Our Word, we become spiritually clean, free, completely alive again. Moreover, we gradually experience our oneness in spirit with You, the Supreme Awareness which pervades and transcends the space which is within and beyond the cosmic manifestation. This is the knowledge of Self Our Word is sharing. 

  Pervading and transcending all bodies throughout the Cosmic Manifestation, we experience You, our Higher Power, as our mutual Source. Beyond personal and impersonal, animate and inanimate, and all other dualities, You are the Eternally, Undifferentiated, Supreme Absolute. 

We associate with You by always thinking of You. This association is the primary instrument for purifying our consciousness. Always thinking of You leads to concentration on You which inturn leads to meditating on You. As this happens, there is restoration of true self knowledge, dignity, and self respect at all levels of consciousness. 

Sobriety and dignity at all levels of consciousness demand that we regain our sanity. Moreover, this sort of sobriety and dignity of consciousness brings in its wake the recognition that we are the spirit pervading and transcending the body, mind, intellect, and ego.

Seeing the self as spirit causes a positive change in our behavior. When we change the way we look at the self, we change the way we look at the world. When we change the way we look at the world the world we look at, and our behavior toward it, changes.

You are the Monarch of all worlds, the ultimate goal of all life processes, the source of character building knowledge, and You are the goal of soul restoring Education. This is real education. It helps us break out, escape from the bondage of illusion and return to the Omnipresent sanity and tranquil bliss of the Self.

Due to purification of consciousness, we experience dissection and eradication of the illusion from our consciousness, there is spiritual healing. This purification happens due to association with You, Supreme Spirit, the Highest, Greatest, Purest, Power of all.


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Everlasting Omnipresent Peace

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