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  Everlasting Omnipresent Peace


Our Word 7

Thank You Aum. Thank You Gye Nyame.

Thank You Aum. Thank You Gayathri.


Our Word consists of various practical methods of

remembering You. It is our solution, and it is working

for us exceedingly well. We just have to intensify in our

efforts to do more prayer, study, sacrifice, service, right

association and meditation, with You at the center, to

continue remembering You with confidence and



Our will is ever stronger, patient, and determined as a

consequence of thinking of You. Thank You for

revealing to us this ancient, very practical and

rational, spiritual practice of always thinking of



Thank You for helping us in this spiritual practice. It is by

your grace and unlimited kindness that we have been able to

remember You. By doing this, we have come up and out of

the illusion and are constantly cleaning up our consciousness

by remembrance of You.


All praise be to You, Source of all Virtue, the Supreme Love

of all. This knowledge of self and Supreme Self is the ancient

knowledge, passed down from You, via of knowledge,

observation, and experience, to teacher to disciple since

time immemorial. Thank You for granting us a modicum

of experience of the Ecstatic Bliss of Your Divine Majesty.


As we remember You and our consciousness is purified,

we very naturally treat ourselves and other livings with

ever greater love and respect. Thank You for teaching

us how to love ourselves and others by being aware

of You and keeping You at the center of our lives.


Association with You, consciously, resurrects us spiritually,

intellectually, mentally, and physically. It brings stability,

balance and order to our otherwise chaotic lives. You are the

Omnipresent Center, the Harmonizer, and basis of all



We know now how to be live as spiritual beings, in the world

but not of it while we continue to do what is necessary to

always be engaged in remembering You. Thus, we are

always purifying our consciousness and getting consciously

closer to You.


By the grace of our consciousness purifying and resurrecting

process of associating with You, we are wakening up,

sobering up, cleaning up, and living in our original dignity

freedom and independence. 


Treading lightly upon the earth, we cause ever less suffering

to any living being and are a blessing to the earth. Thank

You for rudely and gently wakening us to the importance of

being good stewards of the earth.


Our Word is a cultural presentation, an ancient practice for

the purification, and re-spiritualization of the individual into

the spiritual and Godly life. It is a way of reconnecting with

You, our Eternal Divinity within all. You are within all, all

is within You.


By Your grace and mercy, Everlasting Omnipresent is, as documented, supported by all the major

scriptures, avatars, incarnations, and prophets. It contains

resurrecting knowledge, knowledge that can bring us back

from more or less spiritual, intellectual, mental, and physical



Surely, You are Divine Presence and hence the Most

Righteous influence. It is our great, good Karma to

be consciously within Your Eternal, illuminating and

liberating Presence. 


We think of You as the Source of all consciousness,

intellectual depth, mental sharpness and physical health.

Moreover, knowledge of Self, the greatest education, is gained

by always thinking of You. 


In this enlightening knowledge of Self, we see that it is

through always remembering You that our consciousness is

purified of lust, anger, and greed. As this happens, we are

awakened and our dormant love for You shines forth.


The spiritual practice advocated by Our Word raises our

Self-belief, Morale, Self-Confidence, and Self-Respect.

We think of You as the Eternal, One, Supreme, Most

Intelligent, All Auspicious Awareness at the source

of our being.


You are eternally pervading and transcending heavens,

earths, and all the atoms, quarks, and vibratory

phenomena, that come together to as material



Always thinking of You leads to concentration on You

and meditation on You as Omnipresent, Omniscient

and Omnipotent. This You leads to union with You.

Thank You for continuously reminding us how, in so

many different ways, to always think of You, to

concentrate on You, and to meditate on You.


Thinking of You as Omnipresent, concentrating on

You as Omniscient, and meditating on You as the

Greatest Awareness within and beyond all, is

revealing evermore stability, balance, and order in

our once very eccentric and chaotic lives.  


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Everlasting Omnipresent Peace

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