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Our Word 3

It is to You alone that we bring, with all the love and devotion at our command, these simple songs of praise, thanksgiving, remembering, and surrendering. 

Praising and thanking You, in all circumstances, empowers us to more easily think of You at every moment.

Always thinking of You, positively changes our thinking while it simultaneously cleanses our mind and revives us to our original Divine Consciousness.  

You are Supreme Being at the base of our being who most of us, in our ignorance, hold exalted and worship only from afar. 

 Thank You for revealing this site to us. It is assisting us in our spiritual practice by helping us to always think of You, our Omnipresent Divinity. 

The beginning of purification for the Realization of Omnipresent Divinity can start with three steps: (1) Seeing the self as spirit/consciousness/awareness, (2)offering/surrendering/submitting to You with love and devotion, all we think, feel, will, say and do, and (3) constantly, mentally and physically, calling out Your Holy Names.

 Our dedication to serving You, through our spiritual practice, is our method of being a true servant and blessing to all sentient beings as well as ourselves.

 You are the freedom that knows no bounds, The Source of Eternal, Infinite, Peace. Surrendering to You is the Submission at the center of our Spiritual resuscitation and resurrection.

Hearing about , thinking about , speaking about, remembering, concentrating on, and meditating on You, is surrendering our mind, intelligence and will to You, Our Supreme Being. 

Gradually, we attain liberation from the illusory struggles for existence, entanglements, slavery and encagments of the internal and external worlds, by concentrating our mind on You. 

Surrendering all to You is the central point of our spiritual purification practice.  

This spiritual practice resuscitates us from our spiritual comatose state to our original, now dormant, spirituality, Pure Awareness. 

 Young plants are given various means of protection for surviving and thriving by Your laws of material nature. Our spiritual development is protected, survives, and thrives by hearing and Chanting Your Blessed Holy Names, even as we surrender everything to You, our Centerless-Center-point and the One to whom all is offered.

We nurture our spiritual development with constant praise and thanksgiving, prayer, study, sacrifice, service, right association, meditation.

We also nurture our spiritual development by being ever more consciousness of the "Sound" of Your Silence.

You are The Divine, Infinitely Liberated, and liberating Consciousness of all sentient beings.

"Our Word "

Welcome to


Peace .

Bha Aum Hotep


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Everlasting Omnipresent Peace

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