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Our Word 2

Thank You Aum. Thank You Gye Nyame.

Thank You Aum. Thank You Gayathri.


Although You are within all, simultaneously You are

beyond all. Your power, glory, and mystic opulence know no

limits. Our Word is an humble attempt to glorify You,

knowing that the attempt, though feeble, is self purifying.


Our Word is a program and practical action designed to

assist us in our efforts to turn around, purify our

consciousness and awaken out of the illusion, out of the

ignorance that the Self is a temporary material identification

or designation.


As we shed layers of ignorance from our intelligence,

by this spiritual practice of constant remembrance of You,

we experiences this Self as our own long forgotten but now

remembered, as the Most Beautiful Reality. It is the

Most Subtle, Pure Energy, within and simultaneously

far beyond the temporary material worlds of ignorance.


We believe, in the light of our reason, common sense, and

experience, that Your voice comes through the language of all

Sentient Beings. Thank You for accepting our humble

attempts to praise You in this language.  


Enlightenment of Self means seeing the self within and

beyond heaven, earth, all designations, and affiliations.

Gradually, one consciousness is purified to the level where

one sees no one else, there is only You, the Supreme Self or

Awareness of All.  


Following this further, this real Self is

beyond all dualities such as right and left,

heads and tails, back and front, up and

down, east and west. This true Self, is beyond

description. It is experienced as this Ultimate

Reality, this Eternal Divine Intelligence of

Consciousness, Awareness, and intelligence

Itself, is ones own Supreme Being.  


We thank You, who are within yet above all

things and names, for helping us remember You

and be true to You. Surely, You are the Source

of Truth, Righteousness, Love, and Peace, our

own Primordial Nature. As we return to this

awareness, we see that nothing is not impossible,

in fact, it is the basis of everything.


Enlightenment of Self is seeing and

experiencing You as Eternal, Omnipresent,

Ecstatic, Bliss. We think of You as the

Supreme, Most Righteous Spirit, the Super

Soul of the cosmic Manifestation, the Supreme

Intelligence, Energy, or Soul of all. 


You are the One and the Same, Eternal,

Supreme Absolute, within and beyond

all names, formlessness, forms, sounds,

personalities, impersonalities, and other

deep and shallow differences.



By our spiritual practice of fixing our

awareness on You, we are arriving at the

Eternality of You, our original position.


The closer we come back to You, the greater our

unity with each other. Gradually we experience

the fact that there is no other. There is only You.


Thank You for revealing to us this method

of remembering You. Thus, we are using

our higher Self to raise our lower self from

a more or less savage and barbaric nature

back to Divine Consciousness and You.


We purify and expand our lower levels of

consciousness by always thinking of You.

This leads to remembering You,

concentration and meditation on You.

Thank You for encouraging us to always

think of You.


As we continue to purify our consciousness, through

constant remembrance of You, we evolve from the

level of a compassionate human being to the

consciousness of an understanding, warm, and

loving, Divine Being.


Gradually, through remembrance of You, our

consciousness is purified of all traces of anger, lust,

and greed. Now, we begin to experience You as our

original consciousness, our Eternal, Primeval



Thinking of You, concentrating on You, meditating on You

our consciousness is purified, and we are experiencing a

gradual return to You, the remember of whom gives

meaning and purpose to life.


We are at ever greater peace with ourselves and our worlds

by applying this spiritual practice of always remembering

You. Thank You for accepting our humble offerings of

praise and thanksgivings. they help. us remember You. 


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