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Our Word 1

   You are Supreme Spirit, The Selfless, Immortal, Omnipresent Reality, which exists within Itself while simultaneously pervading and transcending all. Our goal is to Know You ever better and to realize You evermore.

You are Supreme Reality, The Supreme Love; You are This, Here, Now, beyond empty, fullness, formlessness and form.  

We meditate on You to regain You, our Love Supreme, who are the foundation of all awareness, health and the fulfillment.

    We must realize from own knowledge, observation and experience that You are the Source of our mental strength, intelligence, energy, morality, creativity and power to persevere. 

You are the Source of the light of the suns and moons throughout the cosmos. 

You are the Source of the upper soul, lower soul, I and I, paramatma and atma. You are here and beyond. You also pervade and transcend I, am, inner, outer and all other dualities. You are our Supreme Being. 

Seeing the self as consciousness/spirit, and purifying our awareness by always thinking of You, transforms us at the very foundation of consciousness; our value system is changed from materialistic to spiritualistic; we remember our Self and remake our life on this basis. This is revolution, Nonviolent, Spiritual Revolution.

  You are The Supreme, Eternal, Transpersonal Being, the source of courage, beauty, creativity endurance, righteousness, and peace. You are beyond personal and impersonal, form and formlessness. You are the Supreme Absolute. This thou art.

Always thinking of You, the Source of virtues, educational and spiritual disciplines, empowers and purifies us to return to You, here, now, in this moment.  

Fixing the mind on You through our spiritual practice, heightens and sharpens our awareness, increases our tranquility and brings forth realization of our quentessential, eternal, oneness with You and all of creation. 

You are here now pervading and transcending our present awareness. The true journey of our lives is to continue to awaken in awareness and union with You. 

Deep thinking, critical analysis, good judgment, inspiration, education and edification have their origin in You. We get back to You, in this present moment, by always thinking of You. 

The power of Knowledge of Self has its origin in You. We reacquire this power through constant praise and thanksgiving, calling out Your Holy Names and offering You everything.  

 Thank You for showing us how to transcend the dualities of he, she, us, them, up, down, etc., etc., Thus we are empowered to turn inward and make steady progress within You, the source of all inner joy, contentment and continuous awakening.  

 Thank You for teaching us how to raise ourselves by our Self. Thus we rise, from the frustrating muck, mire, oppressions, dualities and depressions of the fierce oceans of material existence, to the infinite inner joy and contentment of the Self.

    We raise ourselves by our Self by never forgetting and always remembering YOU. We always remember You by calling out Your names and surrendering everything to You.

You are The Source and Monarch of all consciousness, mental sharpness, intelligence/discernment, knowledge of self, edification and education.

You, the culmination of all knowledge, are the One, The Greatest Spirit, who pervades and transcends all dualities. 

You pervade and transcend AUM, Your original, primeval word, all other sounds, vibrations and the Infinite Stillness of Being. 

 All praise to You, Divinity of all nature, the Supreme Awareness of all. Only You are fit for praise and worship.

We purify our awareness by concentrating our mind on YOU. We gradually realize YOU as the changeless truth within and beyond the vast and variegated names, forms and formlessness of the various degrees of suffering associated with the illusory worlds, Maya .

Constant praise and thanksgiving offered to You brings us up again in conscious reunion with You, the inseparable One.

Always thinking of You, contemplating You, and meditating on You, edifys and empowers us to be spiritually, morally and culturally centered. 

We are grateful to You for revealing to us the fact that the major psychological impairment at the root of our spiritual pathology is the mistaken belief that the self, the eternal living entity who pervades and transcends the temporary material body, is a material, mental, intellectual or ego entity. 

YOU, the One, the Greatest, the Self Produced, Supreme Being, are within all the gods yet all the gods together cannot contain YOU. We meditate on You for illuminated intelligence and spiritual development.

"Our Word "

Welcome to


Peace .

Aum Bha Hotep

   You are Supreme Spirit, The Selfless, Immortal, Omnipresent Reality, which exists within Itself while simultaneously pervading and transcending all. Our goal is to Know You ever better and to realize You evermore. 

 You are the One Divinity in all, Pure Awareness, in and beyond Your vast and variegated costumes, disguises, and levels of consciousness. 

You are Infinite freedom, true liberation, Absolute Awareness. You are realized by the grace of our good Karma and as we as we purify our consciousness.

You are beyond I, AM, AUM, Silence, unconsciousness, consciousness, knowledge, ignorance, enlightenment, experiencing, witnessing, misery and bliss.

We are healed, healthy, whole again, absolute awareness the more we reenter Your Presence, consciously.

 We are free from the illusion of dismemberment and remembeance, coming and going, rising and falling, higher and lower, ignorance and enlightenment, failure and success, as we realize the Eternal Omnipresence of You, here, now, in this moment.

     KNOW THY " SELF " is accomplished as we purify our consciousness and know You, here, now, in this present moment.


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