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Our Word 13

Thank You Aum. Thank You Gye Nyame.

Thank You Aum. Thank You Gayathri.


We, in our ignorance of Self, had forgotten You and

were sinking lower and lower, deeper and deeper, getting

evermore entangled in the abyss of names and forms,

ignorance and suffering, Maya. 


Thank You for meeting us in Hell, Maya, and telling us

through the Bhagavad-gita to always think of You and

become Your devotee. We are heeding Your advice, and it is

working. We are rising, cleaning up, and staying out of Maya

by remembering You. (Bhagavad-gita chapter 18, text 65)


Moreover, We think of You, we concentrate on You, we

meditate on You as the Source of the love we are seeking in

the external world. You are the Supreme Witness of

everything; this includes Shallow Space, Deep Space, Sound,

Silence, Nothing, and Now.


As we purify and develop our intelligence by always

thinking of You, we discover that the only relationship that

exists is our eternal, loving relationship with You. All else is

lust, illusion, it has no endurance, it does not exist.   


We are rising, being elevated from the lowest

levels of hell to ever higher states of excellence of

consciousness and awareness, refinement and development.

The power behind and in front of our rise is our

commitment to, and application of, the process of always

thinking of You.


The problems we have are rooted in our misidentifying

the self to be of a particular material designation such as

race, creed, color, religion sex, species of life, or

whatever. Due to that basic ignorance, we are striving in

vain trying to enjoy life in the flesh while entrapped in Maya.


That ignorance of self is caused by contamination, also

known as calcification, of the lens of the Pineal gland. This

led to forgetfulness of You and the fact that Your everlasting

bliss is within. We could not remember that the gateway to

this Infinite Consciousness of You is our Third eye, the

Pineal Gland.

Ashtavakra gita

Ashtavakra gita


We really have now remembered this ancient knowledge of

Self. As a result, we now remember what we are supposed

to think in order to experience Your loving presence,

consequently, most of the thoughts we let into our

consciousness are, to an ever greater extent, positive.


We are now seeing, more and more what we are supposed to

do in order to be in complete harmony with You, the Source

of an intelligent life of peace, freedom, independence, and



We now remember that we have to be in the world but not of

it in order to get back to You. By calling out Your names and

offering You everything, gradually we remember that this

is the easiest sacrifice we can make to help us remember You

and who we are.


We worship You as the Greatest Truth, the Main and

Supreme Goal of our thinking, feeling, willing, and doing.

Thus, by worshiping You in this way, we are awakening

from the dread of birth, disease, old-age, and death,

Maya, to the bliss of the Self.   


At an earlier time in the evolution of our consciousness, we

were just lost to knowledge of our self and where we

belonged. Somewhere between heaven and hell, mostly

in hell, we were trying to have fun and fulfillment, and

finding none.


We were just tumbling around in Maya. In vain and deep

frustration, we were trying to find the bliss of Heaven in

cheap, temporary, physical thrills, mistaking them for



We think of You as the the Most Profound, and Vital,

the Owner of all praise and the Most Worthy of worship.

You are our Most Righteous Source, our own Supreme

Being. By constantly thinking of You, we gradually

return to You. 


Thank You for showing us how to use prayer, study, and

nonviolent sacrifice to help us always think of You. Our

prayer is that we continue to think of You so that our

discrimination will continue to awaken and we progress

on the right path to reach You, here, in this moment.


Our study is centered in You. It should, in the final analysis,

be helping us get closer to You. Our sacrifice is the chanting

of Your Holy Names. Thank You for showing us how to

screen our thoughts, allowing only those within our

consciousness that are edifying, that help us grow in

union with You, our Original, Most Sacred, Divinity. 


Our Word is about assisting us in our efforts to awaken from

the illusion of material identification of the self. Seeing the

self as material body, mind, intellect, or ego is our problem

as beings trying to eke out our existence in the material



To begin to solve the problems of the world, we start solving

our own problem of misidentification. We are not a

temporary body with a soul, we are an Eternal Soul, The

Light Of Divine Intelligence, with a temporary body.


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