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Our Word 11

Thank You Aum. Thank You Gye Nyame.

Thank You Aum. Thank You Gayathri.


We think of You as the Supreme Energy, more Subtle

than the subtlest, the All in All as All. You are the

Omnipresent One, the Supreme Witness, within and beyond

unconsciousness and consciousness, You pervade, encompass,

and transcend form and formlessness.


The simplest and best way we have found to control, clean,

and free our consciousness and mind, simultaneously,

of anger, lust, and greed, is to associate with You as much as



Through practice, we are seeing that the

method of always thinking of You, keeping You at

the forefront of our consciousness, is an Ancient,

Spiritual Practice that truly cleanses our Pineal gland

consciousness and awareness.


When we act with a consciousness, Pineal Gland and

awareness decontaminated of anger, lust, and greed,

our consciousness, Pineal Gland, and awareness return

to their original pure, free, and peaceful state of Being.


Suffering, the effects of that which we have sown with

polluted consciousness eventually comes back to us through

other living beings, or some other natural phenomena such

as inclement or hot weather, earthquakes, famine, etc,.


Remembering You, we are cleaning up, finding ourselves and

our calling. You are inspiring us to develop a skill and career

we like while making us independent, highly productive

citizens, following righteousness for the uplift of ourselves

and our nations. As a consequence, we are reaping inner

joy and contentment evermore.


The consciousness and awareness, in association with You, is

cleansed and purified. Consequently, our life is gradually

freed of spiritual vexations, intellectual misdirections, mental

anxiety, and, to an increasing extent, physical pains. Slowly

but surely, our consciousness and awareness are returning to

their naturally joyful, fulfilled, and tranquil state of Being.


The greatest and best way to achieve our most beneficial

goals and achieve the optimum life, is to purify the

consciousness and awareness by always thinking of You.


As the consciousness is purified via Your association, we free

our time and efforts from all the rites, rituals, and

other ceremonies that divert our attention from You. That is

the bosh that keeps us entangled in the frivolous pursuits

of egotism and other illusions of the internal and external

worlds of Maya.


As we transcend the illusory, frivolous, pursuits by absorbing

our consciousness in You, we gradually experience the

comfort of Your beautiful, spiritual territory of Eternal,

Omnipresent Peace.


Thank You for being here as the Source of Silence, our

self-reliance, and confidence. You are our Built in Security,

our Eternal, Most Righteous, Changeless, Deathless Leader.

You are pervading and transcending all levels of

consciousness and awareness.


Always thinking of You and associating, if possible, with

those who are striving to always think of You, is the master

key for fixing consciousness in Your Transcendental, Eternal,

Loving, Omnipresence, again.


As a consequence of Pineal dedrossing, our consciousness is

being purified of ignorance of self and the contaminating

influence of lust, anger, and greed, the all tempting

and destroying, sinful enemies of

the worlds.


Molding our lives so that we increasingly think of You in

all circumstances, is the best way that we can help ourselves

and do the most good for our community. 


History, knowledge, observation , and experience can bear

witness: No matter how much knowledge, strength, fame,

beauty, wealth, renunciation or beauty we may have, other

than Your shelter and guidance, there is no liberation from



We are truly grateful for Your Divine Intervention into our

miserable affairs. You are showing us how to clean our

consciousness of Demon tendencies, straighten our warped

disposition, stop making bad Karma, and rescue ourselves

from Maya.


We think of You as the Source of Endless Love. This return to

our love for You is the way we can reawaken, rise, clean up,

and be free from the ignorance of tribalism, racialism,

classism, and all other petty, divisive, bodily designations.


We think of You as within and beyond cause, effect, and even

within and beyond the transcendental. By always thinking of

You our Pineal Gland is decalcified, our vision becomes

unclouded, and our dormant love for You shines forth. 


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Everlasting Omnipresent Peace

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