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Our Word 10

Thank You Aum. Thank You Gye Nyame.

Thank You Aum. Thank You Gayathri.


The real enslaver is Maya. It comes in the spirit of

 lust, anger, greed, illusion, madness, and envy, 

disguised as sense  satisfaction, that enslaves all.

  Either one of  those brigands can infiltrate 

our consciousness, awareness, and intelligence so

 throughly that we think they are the self.


Gradually, by always thinking of You, we regain freedom

from all material designations and liberation from slavery

to Maya, Your illusory energy. This is Nirvana. In this

way, with You as our Center, our true civilization is



We not simply a body, mind, intellect, nor a

body filled with spirit or energy. Seeing the self as

material is, to us, a life denying philosophy

of life.


Thank You for blessing us with the ability to have a

proper vision of the self, to identify the self as spirit,

pure energy, pervading and transcending the body.  


We need to sort out this self identifying problem now. We

should not leave it to the generations that follow us to figure



Most, if not all, of the problems we are encountering in our

universe are rooted in the ignorance of identifying the self as

the body, senses, mind, intelligence, or ego.


If we are a body filled with an invisibility called spirit,

then, who are we and where are we? Life affirming, to us,

means, we know, from observation and experience, we are

not a body with a soul, energy, or spirit.


We are soul, energy, spirit, consciousness, or

awareness, permeating and transcending the body, senses,

mind, intellect, and ego.


How is it that I am conscious of the body but the body is not

conscious of me? The "I" is the identifiable, invisible

witness, pervading and beyond, the body, mind,

senses, intellect, and ego. You, the Supreme Witness of all,

are the Source of the "I" thought. 


The primary cause of enslavement is ignorance about

the nature of the self. Constant remembrance of You is

the key to liberation from the clutches of illusion, and

reinstatement to our original nature of Pure Awareness.


Truly, always thinking of You is bringing us back to life

everlasting. This restored spiritual life and vision is enabling

us to see, and experience the eternal, spiritual beauty and

bliss that is You, the Supreme Self of all selves.


We are thinking in ignorance, when we are thinking we are a

material body, mind, intelligence, or ego of some particular

designation or classification.


We can never realize we are the body. However, we can

realize we are the eternal spirit and that You, our Supreme

Spirit, are the Source of all, spirit and material.


Thank You for showing us what we are

experiencing as a superior stress management technique:

Fixing our mind on You by always thinking of You.


Real Freedom is freedom from the ignorance of identifying

the self with a material designation. As a result of that

ignorance, we remain entrapped in the exploitation,

colonization, oppression, tyranny, fear and Maya's other



Thank You for helping us know how to always think of

You. Gradually we recognize, and are aware, to some

degree, of the Infinite Beauty of Your Silence and

presence within us. We think of You as the Supreme

Awareness of Silence.


You are our Ever-Present Counselor, radiating from the

Pineal Gland. It is You alone who are most qualified to

show us how to navigate out of Maya, and proceed

straight on the pathless path to You, Total Liberation,

in this moment.


You are our common Source. Undoubtedly, with Your Love

leading us, and application of this knowledge of Self, we gain

our true freedom from Maya, and reestablishment in the

Tranquil Bliss of the Self.


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