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The lotus flower raises its stem above the water and blooms most beautifully. Frequently its roots discriminately draw forth nourishment from the murkiest water and the thickest mud. Similarly, some of the most beautiful, intelligent, articulate, clear, and creative, people and things frequently come from, what seems at first blush, the most dense, unremarkable, deepest and muddiest of places and circumstances.

Our Word, a work in continuous process, is an offering to our Supreme Being, The Source of all Truth, Righteousness, Love, and Peace. It contains revelations of the aims, methods, and content of a spiritualization process which sheds all traces of illusion from our lower consciousness.

Our Word is contemplation, concentration, and meditation. It purifies, sobers and expands our consciousness back into its original Supreme Condition of Eternal Pure Consciousness. This is our Best and Most Sober state of Supreme Being.

Pure Spirit/Consciousness, pervades and transcends all things. It is our Most Sober Self, the Best Knower. Also referred herein as The Eternal Witness, it also pervades and transcends the body, senses, mind, intellect, and ego.

Our Word articulates various meditational tools to purify and expand consciousness. The tools most recommended are: Offering everything, Chanting Om Bha Kali Mah Jah Rah Hotep, or simply watching or witnessing the normal breathing process, observing the Silence, and being aware of consciousness itself. The more we use one or all of these tools, the more we receive the required help from Supreme Intelligence, also known as Supreme Being.

Our Word states clearly and unambiguously that we cannot realize Supreme Self without the help of our Higher Power/Supreme Being/Supreme Intelligence which is eternal and Omnipresent existing as the One pervading and transcending space, time, and distance.

Analyzing the information offered in Our Word, gradually one yokes or sobers to consciousness as Higher Power, The Eternal Witness of the comings and goings of the vast and varigated cosmic manifestations.

As the consciousness expands beyond being aware of Higher Power as the source, there is nothing to witness. The Self pervades and transcends all. All is the Self, Infinite Stillness of Supreme Being. There is nothing to witness.

Eternal, full af unlimited bliss and knowledge, this Unlimited Treasure, The Eternal Witness of the comings and goings of the Cosmic Manifestations, is definitely within all. It is full of the unlimited bliss and knowledge that we are so futilessly seeking from so many physical, mental, intellectual, and egotistical games in the external material world.

Our Word declares unequivocally that we do not have to tear down or destroy anything, other than our own ignorance of self, in order to experience the bliss and contentment of Supreme Being. We are already here. We simply have to stop playing the temporary, egotistical games, mind and otherwise, of Maya. We start seeing the self as spirit, separate from the illusion and engage in spioritual practices that purify and expand our consciousness. Thus we sober up to the reality of our eternal life, and ascend to ever higher consciousness.

As we sober up, using the help of Supreme Being, which is also the assistance contained in Our Word, and thinking critically, we can, regardless of race, tribe, wealth, creed, education, color, culture, or species of life, transcend the temporary worlds of suffering and live again as One, in spirit and in truth, free and independent.

You, our Higher Power, are realized as our mutual Source, beyond annimate and inannimate, the Supreme Spirit, the greatest Truth pervading and transcending all bodies throughout the Cosmic Manifestation. As this happens, our true self knowledge, dignity and self respect are restored at all levels of consciousness. 

Sobriety and dignity at all levels of consciousness demands that we have regained our sanity. Moreover, this sort of sobriety and dignity of consciousness brings in its wake the recognition that You are the Monarch of all worlds, the ultimate goal of all life processes and the source of character building and soul restoring Education.

The more illusion is dissected and eradicated due to purification of lower consciousness by association with You Supreme Spirit, the Higher Power of all, the more our original energy, inspiration, and motivation, manifest in our daily life. These are truly the most positive and pure vibrations, the original vibrations emanating from the most You, The Most Tranquil Self.

These offerings, presented as Our Word, are dedicated and surrendered to You who are the Most Pure, Most Tranquil Self. You pervade and transcend inner and outer, night and day, center and perimeter, destruction, maintanence, and restoration.

This spiritual practice of surrendering all to You purifies the lower consciousness and brings forth You as our total consciousness. This is the goal of "Our Word." May You be pleased with our humble offerings of devotion and love.

We encourage those who visit everlasting omnipresent, to research and think very critically about the spiritual information offered. The goal is to purifiy and expand the lower consciousness and thus sober up to total consciousness. This is Pure Consciousness, our Most Righteous Divinity which pervades and transcends all vibrations. In this way we are genuinely uplifting our lowerselves and being of Spiritual Benefit to all communities throughout the Cosmic Manifestations.

This spiritualization process is in place to restore the changeless memory to all levels of consciousness. As this happens, we bring to these levels of awareness, by day and night, the integrity of our original spiritual nature. This nature pervades and infinitely transcends the illusory energy, Maya.

You, the beginning, middle, and end of all consciousness, are beyond knower, knowledge, and known. By reminding us how to thank You, pray to You, praise You, serve You, and meditate on You, "Our Word" raises our lower consciousness from a more or less crude levels of existence to ever higher and purer states of consciousness. 

Raising our lower consciousness is done, not through endless, speculative, philosophical debates, or even waking up. We are already awake. We just have to sober up our lower levels of consciousness. Our Word, by the Grace of the Most High God, is here to help us to do this; as this is done, we live as our Original, Most Righteous Consciousness in and beyond all times and levels of existence.

All that we think, will, feel, say, and do, we offer/surrender/serve/submit to You, our Supreme Being. This is the purification, consciousness raising/expanding process inspired by You and put forward as "Our Word.

"Our Word" is here to sober us up so that at all levels of awareness we can be our Original Consciousness, full of unlimited bliss and knowledge. This is accomplished through Divinely centered prayer, study, sacrifice, service, right association, and meditation.

Thank You for presenting to us, in Our Word, the purifying practice of Meditation on You through the normal breathing process, Silence, and Mantra. These practices are easily available to those on earth as well as to other sentient beings throughout the cosmic manifestation. Thus, while their mundane duties are more mindfully attended and more perfectly accomplished, encreasingly free from the enslavements of anger, lust, and greed, the living beings are working out their salvation with diligence. 

Because we are in the process of shedding ignorance and reclaiming our eternal life of bliss and knowledge, for the welfare of the universe, there is, and will always be continuous improvement in the Message of Love that is "Our Word".

Through practicing the spiritual techniques presented as "Our Word", we come to realize that lower self, as well as death, is a myth. We are the Soul. For the Soul, there is neither birth nor death, nor lower self. This eternal, unchangable Soul is the true Self. It is unborn, undying, it does not, like the body, mind, intelligence, and ego, change, or ever cease to exist.

   Notwithstanding the imperfections in this presentation, we are confident of a nice reception by You, and all sincere souls who are sobering up to the fact that ignorance of self and the ego/material identity illusion, has to be shed from their lives. We have to sober up. The more this is done, the more we live in fulfillment, Infinite Peace, conscious union with You, our Supreme Spirit.

This frequently updated presentation of "Our Word is inspired by You, The Most Perfect One; however, we know there must be irregularities, spelling errors, typos, punctuation and other errors in this presentation, because of the impurities and egoism of lower consciousness. Nonetheless, everyone, regardless of heritage, tribe, educational level, wealth, religion, culture, class, color, creed, race, or species of life, can benefit from the spiritual practices and revelations presented here as "Our Word."

The more we fix our mind on You, we sober up and progress. This entails being ever more emotionally detached from the material world and increasingly attached to the spiritual world which pervades and transcends all worlds. This is the central teaching and crux of the spiritual practices and progress elaborated upon and offered as "Our Word."

You are the Supreme Imperceivable. Nevertheless, we extrapolate from practicing the techniques presented in Our Word, that our efforts of presenting this ancient philosophy and spiritual culture will become more lucid as we progress in purification and expansion of our consciousness.

We are, by Your Mercy, becoming ever more qualified to constantly edit, proof read, look and listen, to eradicate all errors from this humble offering to You, for the edification of all. Let it be clearly shown, we seek only Your approval.

Thank You many times over for Your blessings upon us. May all sentient beings throughout our cosmos attain the freedom, inner joy, and contentment of Everlasting Omnipresent Peace, Your Nature.

This site is based on the spirituality of the Aboriginal People of the earth, particularly the spiritual knowledge left to us by the Spiritual Elders of the Nile and Indus Valley civilizations. These ancients declared categorically that the self is eternal spirit, and the real purpose and goal of life is to be in union with You, The Supreme Selfless, Immortal, Omnipresent Spirit.

 The Greatest, Most Righteous Consciousness/ Self/Spirit of all is You. To follow You with all the might of our body, mind, intelligence, and ego, is to exercise true intelligence and purpose in life. Our Word, by the Grace of God, is here to assist us in the accomplishment of this noble, most worthwhile endeavor.

To the extent we are consciously reunited with You, we are healed, absolutely aware and consciously whole again. Thank You for allowing us the sacred privilege of consciously living in Your Loving Presence again.

"Our Word"

Positive Action Positive Change Positive Difference

Aum Bha Hotep


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