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Karma Yoga,

Serve 7

Thank You Aum. Thank You Gye Nyame.

Thank You Aum. Thank You Gayathri.


Karma Yoga is serving You in all we think

feel, will, say, and do. Karma is reaping

what we have sown, whether bad or good.

Doing Karma Yoga, we transcend bad

and good Karma.

2 passes on

to us an ancient method of freeing ourselves

from bodily identification and slavery to the

insatiable demands of the senses through the

practice of Karma yoga.  


In the practice of Karma Yoga, we are

identifying the self as spirit and serving

You as Supreme Spirit or the Light of

Divine Intelligence.


Self is Spirit, free from all designations.

It is in quality One with You, our Light

of Divine Intelligence, within and

beyond all.


Always serving You is the way of

Karma Yoga, the way of aligning our

consciousness, awareness, and

intelligence with You.


The more we align with You, the greater

is our experience of Your Omnipresence,

Omnipotence, and Omniscience.


As a consequence of constantly serving

You, we are led back into the straight path,

into harmony with Your will, the

way of peace.


As we persevere in serving You, we are

able to see and serve You in each other as

well as become purified and detached from

the unfultilling games of illusory



We see the Self as Pure Energy, Spirit,

Intelligence, pervading and transcending

the entanglements of the temporary

material worlds.


We see and serve You, the Supreme Self,

as the All-Powerful Supreme Being, we

submit to You and are gradually are

awaken, reborn into our Original,

Eternal, Spiritual Nature.


We serve You as the Source of the Most

Positive Vibrations. Always serving You

awakens us to the experience of these Divine

Vibrations. We remember them as of our

original nature.


By the power of Your association, we are

healed spiritually, intellectually, and



As we are awakened and enlightened

by virtue of Your association, we

experience the fact, intellectually and

spiritually, that You are You are real.


There is no "Other". There is only "You"

within and beyond various forms and

disguises of ignorance. 


Always serving You is our Balm in Gilead.

It is awakening and healing us,

helping us overcome Maya, and restoring

our integrity.


Constantly serving You helps us remember

You. It is not "Good" works, but serving

You that keeps us transcending the harmful

effects of bad or good Karma.


Keeping unedifying thoughts out of our

consciousness is the major effort that

aligns consciousness, awareness, and

intelligence with You.


By this spiritual practice of aligning with

You, we are awakened, revived to our

original sanity, our union with You.


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