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Karma Yoga

Serve 4

Thank You Aum. Thank You Gye Nyame.

Thank You Aum. Thank You Gayathri.


Serving You is a way to constantly

remember You. It helps us associate 

with You and reawaken to ever closer 

union with You.  You are the Truth 

Principle, the Source of our being, 

within and beyond all Being.


Thank You for inspiring us to

appreciate and practically apply these

methods of associating with You.

Gradually we are awakening and 

experiencing the fact that You, the 

Indivisible,  undifferentiated, Supreme 

Absolute, are always here, within and 

beyond "This  and  That".


We are associating with You by

increasingly serving and remembering

You all the time. In this way, we are

reestablishing in our original position

of union with You.


We are serving You and are gradually

experiencing You as the Eternal Source

of our mutual attractiveness.  


Associating with You in the way

of Devotional Service, our

consciousness, awareness, and

intelligence are being purified and

aligned with You.


In this way of Devotional Service to You,

we are awakening and being reestablished,

consciously, where we have always been,

here, in this moment with You.


Keeping our intelligence, awareness, and

consciousness fixed on You by serving You,

is the medicine, the spiritual technology,

the therapy, that is healing us of Self



This therapy of always thinking of You

through service to You is healing us. The

inner joy we sought outside, is now being

slowly experience as our natural state of

 Omnipresent Being in union with You.


We are serving You as the primary

inspiration, motivator, and

intelligence for all we think, feel, will,

say, and do. You are the ultimate

purpose and Goal of our life.


Always serving You is restoring our

historical memory. It is opening our

past, encouraging our present, and

helping us see into the future with

ever greater confidence and clarity.



This spiritual practice of serving You

in all we do is purifying our

consciousness of evil thoughts, clearing

our awareness of misconceptions, and

purifing our intelligence into the Light

of Divine Intelligence from which It has



Our association with You through our

service to You helps us regain the likeness

of You. Gradually, we are awakening to

the cool, calm, and quiet bliss of the Self.


All of our life improves as we associate

with You through our service to You.

We are increasingly satisfied and fulfilled

without and within as we serve You.


We are serving You as the primeval life

force; the power which pervades, animates,

and transcends Nature.


We are serving You as the Most Intelligent

Source of all states of being. We are,

through this spiritual technology of

serving You, aligning our intelligence

with You.


We can love others as we love ourselves.

We love ourselves as we awaken to You,

our Everlasting Love at the foundation

of all being.   


By the guidance and mercy of constantly

serving You, we are awakening to the

ever increasing tranquil bliss of our

original Divine Intelligence.


We are being purified and awakened

to this bliss filled, loving experience

of You through our loving devotional

service to You. 


Serving You Purifies our actions and

draw us nearer to You. This causes

further purification. Gradually, our

Karma, our actions, have less reactions

on us. All is being surrendered to You.


Karma Yoga is an ancient way of working

for You. This way, we are transcending

Karma and experiencing our infinite

potential, the Light of Divine



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