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Karma Yoga

Service 16

Thank You Aum. Thank You Gye Nyame.

Thank You Aum. Thank You Gayathri.


We serve You as the Most Righteousness,

Eternal, full of unlimited bliss and



We serve You as Infinite Intelligence,

pervading and transcending Heaven

and Earth; the Source of all energy,

vibration and Stillness.


We are aways improving ourselves

by always serving You in all we

think, feel, will, say, and do.


We are serving You as Supreme

Witness, and the Ultimate Know

-It-All. Verily, the screen of

consciousness, the sound of silence,

awareness, and all intelligence, exist 

within your Infinitude. 


We are Serving You as the source and

substance of all purification and

edification. By Your association, we

are purified.


We are pure spirit, in quality one with

You, the Source of our original purity.

This knowledge, to us, is real knowledge

of Self.


You are our Supreme Leader in all

affairs; our Most Knowledgeable Guide

in and out of birth, disease, old age,

death, and other sufferings.


We began this journey out of Maya back

to conscious union with You by always

thinking of You, remembering You, and

serving You in all we do.


Remembering You through service to You,

Consciousness, Awareness, and Intelligence

return to their original purity. This is

alignment with You.


As we align with You, we reawaken to

our natural state of Unified Intelligence,

the Light of Divine Intelligence.


We offer You our hopes, our dreams, our

plans, our schemes. We offer You our

nights our days our hopes and our praise.


Offering to You, Surrendering to You,

Submission to You, Service to You, are all

synonymous. All mean, for us, working

for You, our own Supreme Being.


Our Liberation from Maya, and our

reestablishment in the infinite freedom

and independence of Your Majesty, is

predicated on our remembrance of You

and serving You.


We have come to our conclusion about

the benefits of serving You based on our

research, observation, study, experience,

and reflection.


You are the force behind, within and

beyond our activities. Through this

spiritual practice of serving You, we

reawaken to our Divine Nature.


Reawakening to our Divine Nature,

we express more compassion, love,

and charity in our dealings with all

sentient beings.


We are serving You as within and

beyond all names, forms, and substances,

including the brain. Purified through

this association we can feel it beneath

our dignity to purposely mistreat any

Sentient Being.


Consciously serving You in others,

and others in You, awakens us to

ever greater spiritual heights and

happiness. Gradually, we are

experiencing the freedom, bliss

and tranquility of union with You. 


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