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Karma Yoga,

Serve 14

Thank You Aum. Thank You Gye Nyame.

Thank You Aum. Thank You Gayathri.


We serve You as the Source of our

intelligence. Without You we cannot

truly stand.


The more we serve You, the more we are.

awake, alive, centered and stable in

the moment, no matter what our Karma

brings us through the vicissitudes of life. 


We chant Your Holy Names as is our

service to You, the One who pervades

and transcends all. All are One in You.

Service to You is service to all.


We are purified by our service to You. In

our ever more purified states of

consciousness, awareness, and intelligence,

we increasingly love You within others and

others within You. 


Serving You is one of our primary tools for

aligning our intelligence with You. Slowly

we experience You as the Most Gross and

Most Subtle One.


You pervade and transcend the most gross

and most subtle vibrations in all directions.  


No partners, no equals, no friends, nor

enemies have You. You are equally

within and beyond all. We bring our

humble offerings to You alone.


All are the same in Your sight. In fact,

You are pervading and transcending all,

everywhere. You have everything and

nothing to see. 


Being aware of serving You in all we do

is our spiritual practice. Gradually, we

arrive at the stage where we can serve

You as the Light of Divine Intelligence.


We serve You as the Divine Intelligence

within and beyond all. We are now

seeing and acting on this fact that You

are our Most Perfect, Common Unity.


This knowledge and experience of You as

our Common Unity is healing us of all

that previously divided us. We are now

coming back together as One in You.


The Greatest Love is, in fact, inside and

beyond our ordinary intelligence. It is

within and beyond all names. We call It

the Light of Divine Intelligence.


Living in the ever increasing Light of

Divine Intelligence, we now know we

have a blue print, a practical guide to

our greatest liberation, prosperity, and



Serving You, in Your light, our Divine

Blue Print, we understand who we are,

where we are, and what we need to be

and do.


We need to be consciously in union with

You. We need to be engaged in this

process of uniting with at all times.


We can experience You by Your Grace,

and as our consciousness, awareness,

and intelligence are purified of bodily

identification, and the contaminates of

Maya: Lust, Anger, and greed.


By remembering and serving You in all

we think, feel, will, say and do, our

consciousness is gradually purified. As

a consequence, our life is gradually free

from the muck and mire of Maya.


By remembering You, and serving You,

we are purifying and expanding our

consciousness and awareness out of

Maya, and back into conscious union

with You. 


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