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Karma Yoga,

Serve 13

Thank You Aum. Thank You Gye Nyame.

Thank You Aum. Thank You Gayathri.


Thank You for inspiring us to chant

Your Holy Names. Now we are really

experiencing purpose, meaning, ever

increasing intelligence, and fulfillment

in this life.


Our goal is to return to You, here, now,

in this life. Chanting Your Holy Names

is thinking of You, and serving You.

To us, this is the Master Key to

unlocking and entering this door of

return to You. 


We chant Your Holy Names as is our

service to You, the One who pervades

and transcends all. All are One in You.

Service to You is service to all.


We are purified by our service to You. In

our ever more purified states of

consciousness, awareness, and intelligence,

we increasingly love You within others and

others within You. 


Gradually we see, there are no "Others."

There is only You, pervading and

transcending inner space, outer space

and all being and beings therein.


We serve You as the Supreme Witness and

Intelligence of Silence, Space, Awareness and

Consciousness. We know You as the Light

of Divine Intelligence.


We chant Your Name as Divine

Intelligence, within and beyond

the most subtle, the most complex

and the most gross material

elements from which these bodies

are made.


Chanting Your Name helps us remember

You. Remembering You is the way we

are awakening to union with You, the

Light of Divine Intelligence. 


We have no desire for Mystic Siddhis,

visible or invisible followers, material

or spiritual wealth, fame or fortune.


What we really need is to never forget

and always remember You in all we

think, feel, will, say, and do.


Chanting Your Holy Names helps

us find our "Calling". Doing all for

You helps us remember to You. This

gives real meaning, significance, and

worth to our work. It also gives

dignity and purpose to our life.


We chant Your Holy Names as

Omniscient, Omnipotent, and

Omnipresent. You are looking out

out through every eye, hearing

through every ear, and You are the

knowing within and beyond all



Creation, maintenance, and dissolution

rest in You alone. You are our Supreme

Being. Other than You, none is fit to

serve and worship.


Our ideal is to see You and serve You in

each other, in every atom, and in every

subatomic particle throughout

the cosmic manifestation.


We serve only You who are within and

beyond personal and impersonal,

form and formlessness,

and beyond.


We regain, increasingly, our emotional

stability, and realize our original

changelessness within and beyond all

changes, by seeing and serving You

everywhere, in everything by chanting

Your Holy Names.


Even the space between the infinite

frequencies of silence is pervaded and

transcended by You. You are the Most

Pure, Purer and more subtle than



Chanting Your Holy Names prevents

unedifying thoughts from entering

our consciousness while purifying

and aligning our consciousness,

awareness, and intelligence with

You, their Original Purity. 


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Everlasting Omnipresent Peace

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