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Karma Yoga,

Serve 11

Thank You Aum. Thank You Gye Nyame.

Thank You Aum. Thank You Gayathri.


Submission of all to You, at all times,

fixes the intelligence on You. This

influences the awareness, and the

consciousness to align with You.


You are the only permanence. Everything

else, gods and goddesses, are temporary.

You alone are eternal, the only One truly

worthy of our service and worship.  


We are serving You as the Source of

silence and space. Thank You for helping

us remember to serve You with Love and

Devotion in all we do.


We serve You while listening to the

Sound of Silence, watching the screen of

consciousness and offering these activities

to You. 


These activities offered to You, awaken us

to the experience of Your loving

presence while drawing us ever nearer

to total, conscious, union with You.


You are the changeless source of all purity

and strength, pervading and transcending

all. At the quintessence of being, we are one

with You, the Light of Divine Intelligence.


We serve You as the Light of Divine

Intelligence, more subtle than

consciousness, awareness, or the

subtlest vibration, frequency, or energy.


We serve You as Omnipresent Intelligence,

pervading and transcending Consciousness,

Silence, Stillness, Space, Awareness and

the intelligence of all.


Thank You for helping us purify our

consciousness and awareness by always

thinking of You and serving You with love

and devotion.


We serve You as the Light of Divine

Intelligence Pure. This is the Source of

Knower, knowledge, and known.


We serve You as the Witness of all

Consciousness, sleep, unconsciousness,

memory, all subjects, and wakefulness.


We are engaged in the spiritual practice

of serving You as the Most Silent,

Supreme Consciousness, Awareness and

intelligence of all life. 


We serve You as the Uncontainable One,

the One who pervades and transcends

all, including Om. We experience that

You are our Ultimate Intelligence, the

Most Pure of all.


We serve You as the Most Perfect One,

beyond I AM and other dualities. The

greater our association with You, through

serving You, the more we, are purified

and realize our Divine Intelligence,

beyond Pure Consciousness and



We serve You, as our Light Divine

Intelligence, the Source of Infinite

Love, Compassion, Forgiveness,

Life, Light, Truth, Righteousness,

Bliss, and Peace.


Everything we have been through,

everything we are going through,

everything we will go through, we

offer to You. 


Serving You in all we think, feel, will,

say and do helps us remember You. We

suffer because of our forgetfulness of You

and how to live life in a Karma free



Serving You in all we do frees us from the

cause and effects of bad and good Karma.

This spiritual practice heals and restores us

to our original position of total union with

You. This is the goal of Yoga and the aim of

our life.  


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Everlasting Omnipresent Peace

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