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Karma Yoga

Practice 9

Thank You Aum. Thank You Ra. Thank You Gye Nyame.

Thank You Aum. Thank You Ra. Thank You Gayatri.


We think of You as the Omnipresent, Omnipotent,

Omniscient, and Benevolent, Creator, Maintainer, and

Annihilator, the Divine Spiritual Force who pervades and

Transcends the Cosmic Manifestation. To the extent the

Pineal gland is purified, we are able to see the Self, pervading

and transcending all names, forms, genders, descriptions, and



Seeing all within the Self, and the Self within and beyond all,

we engage in purifying our consciousness by always thinking

of You. By being responsible to and for You first, we are responsible

to and for each other. Gradually we reawaken to our higher more

enlightened states of Infinite Understanding, Compassion

and Love.


Ever more blissful states of Ecstatic Love is the nature of the

Pure Consciousness that we know. In the light of scriptures,

history, and experience as the Soul, we know.


We are increasingly attracted to this original bliss filled state

of our Being. It is unfolded to the degree our Pineal Gland

is purified as a result of Your Righteous Association.


The more we purify and expand our consciousness, in the

light of "I am not the body with a soul. I am the soul with a

body," the more we are liberated from Your illusory energy,

Maya, our indebtedness.


To the extent we have purified the consciousness, to that

degree we are transfigured and we manifest You from within

our consciousness. We see You, the Self within and beyond

the body, mind, intellect, ego, and all levels of



Thank You for advising us to submit all to You. By doing this,

our consciousness is purified. Gradually our will harmonizes

with Your Will, and we are evermore free and fulfilled.


This is true liberation and fulfillment. It is Liberation from

Maya, the debt of suffering where repeated birth and death

take place, the illusionary energy, and fulfillment in the bliss

of the Self. 


All praise to You, the Eternal, Omnipresent One, who is

within and beyond "In" and "Out," potential and kinetic,

and all other dualities. You are One without a second,

known by many names and no name at all. It is You to

whom other Spiritual Masters come to surrender and learn

of the Self.


Associating with You, through our spiritual practice of

serving You, is enabling us to increasingly see and

serve You in others and others in You. In this way we are

regaining the Monarch of all knowledge, knowledge of You.


By offering all to You, we are increasingly thinking of

You. This is a process we are blessed to use for remembering

You. Remembering You is main purifying agent used for

cleansing our Pineal gland and our consciousness. A Vegan

Diet, morning and evening sun helps, no doubt.


However, if we are not remembering You, all of the material

diets in the universe will not help us attain You, our Highest

and Best Consciousness. This is our humble opinion based on

our knowledge, observation and experience.   


Seeing that it is You within and without various forms of "The

other," we serve You exclusively. Gradually we become again,

living expressions of Your precious, eternally selfless,

and causeless love.


We Praise You and submit all to You continuously. You are

he Supreme Love, the Source of self and its realization.

Thank You, for revealing to us, through Service to You, our

true Self.


Due to surrendering to You, we are experiencing the Self as

the consciousness looking out through the Pineal gland.

Gradually, we, as consciousness, are experiencing You as the

Supreme Consciousness, the Source of the consciousness

immanent transcending the body.


We meditate on You as Supreme Spirit, beyond thought, the

Omnipresent Reservoir of All Pleasure and the basis of all

Divine Beauty, Love and Peace.


In our poverty of intelligence we were striving after the

illusion, that which does not exist. By the virtue of

surrendering to You, we see that You are the only reality, all

else is illusion.


Other than You, even Nothing does not exist. It, like every

other illusion, has no endurance. It does not exist because it

has no constant, everlasting, existence. In a very strict sense,

to exist means something has no cessation; it

endures eternally.