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Karma Yoga

Practice 16

Thank You Aum. Thank You Ra. Thank You Gye Nyame.

Thank You Aum. Thank You Ra. Thank You Gayatri.


We think of You, we concentrate on You, we meditate on You

as more subtle than the air, either, and silence, pervading and

transcending all.


As a consequence, of dominating our mind with thoughts of

You, we develop our original respect and love for the Earth,

the Universe, and all Sentient Beings.


Our Pineal Gland and consciousness are purified as a

consequence of always thinking of You. Hence, we transcend

the ignorance of discriminating against others because of

physical, mental, or intellectual abilities; race, species of life,

creeds; colors, nationalities, religions; class, tribe or caste



In reality, "Others" are Your reflections. By coming to the

spiritual platform, calling out Your Name and surrendering

all to You, we are gradually purified and empowered to see

and serve You in each other. We are now the change we want

to see externally and internally.


We think of You as the source and substance of gods, light,

darkness; calmness, distress; non-duality, duality; personal

and impersonal, transpersonal, and Nothing itself. We honor

You as the basis of the awareness of all. Through honoring

You within all, we honor others as well as ourselves.


Thank You for redeeming us us from the quicksand of Maya.

Thank You for restoring us to our former glory, union with

You, the Most Mighty and Completely Wise.


Ignorance of self and its best interest, prevents us from

surrendering all our thinking, feeling, willing, saying, and

doing, to You. This is the key to unlocking the door of our

imprisonment in Maya and returning to the Infinite freedom

of the Self.


The more we hear and chant about You and do for You, the

more we increase our taste for hearing about You. This

increases our thirst for chanting about You, doing for You.

These spiritual practices purify our consciousness and help

us come back here to You.


Various ways of thinking of You, all the time, purifies the

Pineal Gland. This process cleans the consciousness within

which is the intelligence and the mind. Thank You, countless

times, for teaching us various ways for thinking of You.


This is our way of edifying our life while steadily

progressing back to You. This ancient, spiritual, self

purifying, process of surrendering our all to You is a solution

to the problems of life. Those problems have their roots in,

and are feeding from, ignorance of the Self.


Verily, You are the Source of everyone's most Enlightened

Self and self interest. Ultimately, this Most Enlightened Self

is the Supreme Consciousness Self that flows down through

the Pineal Gland, giving life to the body.


Of course, the cleaner the Pineal Gland, the greater is

Divine life manifest through out the body. Always thinking of

You is the way we direct the roots of our life to

receive nourishment from You. The Best Source of Nutrition,

Divine Reality, the Most Enlightened Self of all is You.


Gradually, we are attracted to and meditate on You as the

Silence and Its Supreme Witness, pervading and

transcending everything, including Silence and Nothing.


When we hear, talk, and do for You, we are thinking of You.

Thinking of You is the master key to our self-mastery,

liberation and salvation. Thank You for telling us in many

different ways to always think of You, remember You


We think of You as pervading and transcending all Solar

systems, all matter and energy, throughout the cosmic

manifestations. It is by thinking of You, concentrating on

You, and meditating on You that our Pineal Gland is



Decalcification or purification of the Pineal Gland expands

and raises our consciousness from that of a brute, to that of a

human, to that of a being of high moral development, back

to that of Divinity. Always thinking of You is our main tool

for decalcifying the Pineal Gland.


All being is sentient and intelligent, to some degree, and You

are its all pervasive, Transcendental Source. Your Source

is incomprehensible at this stage of the evolution

and expansion of our consciousness.


At this point, it can only be said by us that You, Supreme

Intelligence, are Your own Source. The other worlds are but

temporary, more or less perverted reflections of Your

Glorious, Eternal, Presence.