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Karma Yoga

Practice 13

Thank You Aum. Thank You Ra. Thank You Gye Nyame.

Thank You Aum. Thank You Ra. Thank You Gayatri.


True spirituality, engendered by surrendering to You in

constant remembrance, gradually purifies the Pineal Gland.

Slowly, we realize our transcendence, far beyond the body,

mind, intellect and the ego.


The "I am this body; I am this mind; I am this intellect; I am

this ego, I Am I Am" are all gradually effaced from our

consciousness the more we think of You, concentrate on You,

and meditate on You. We see You as the Supreme Witness of

the blackness or brightness of Space, the sound of Silence,

and the Eternal, Supreme Witness of Now.   


The ultimate goal of this practice is greater, conscious, union

with You. You are the Supreme Awareness within all

awarenesses, the Source of all consciousness, and the restorer

of our Honor as spirit souls. The ultimate goal of our life is to

return to You in this moment.


In quality One with You, the Supreme Soul of all souls

throughout the Universe, is the original nature of all sentient

beings. In the final analysis of all, there is only You, the

Innermost Self of all. We think of You, we concentrate on

You, we meditate on You as none breathing Absolute

Awareness, prior to consciousness itself.


It is through loving devotional service to You that we regain

our natural appreciation, understanding, and acceptance of

You. The more we have this living, loving, relationship with

You, the more we appreciate, understand, and accept

ourselves and "Others." We gradually see that "Others" are

Your reflections, just as the one moon is reflected in the water

contained in numerous earthen pots.


Remembering You, we see how to stay out of Maya, Your very

powerful illusory energy that all sentient beings are captured within.

Gradually, by always thinking of You, we regain knowledge of our

Eternal Self which is beyond visible and invisible, conscious and

unconscious. Maya, and all other dualities.   


Our ritual for purification of consciousness and awareness and

reconnecting with You, and through You to all the ancestors

and descendents, is to always think of You. We do this by simply

calling out Your names and offering You everything.


With purification of consciousness we are experiencing the

fact that You are our true, ever increasing, potential. Beyond

all dualities of time, space, and place, You are One in the many

and many in One. Constant and changeless amidst all the

things that change within You, You remain One, Infinite, and

always the same.


We concentrate on You, we meditate on You by listening to

and watching Silence. In this way, we align with You.

Gradually we become more in tune with You, and actualize

our greatest potential, You.


Thank You for giving us this tool, this always thinking of

You. It is this tool that is purifying our consciousness and

helping us to experience the Real Self as Endless Awareness.


True knowledge of our History, and our spirituality leads us

back to You. This return to our quintessence, our Spiritual

Self, is the solution to our problems. This Real Self is within

our own consciousness and our own consciousness is within

You, the Power within all.


We are our own consciousness. Our own consciousness is

inside of Awareness and we are this Awareness. You are the

Supreme Awareness of all. Thank You for helping us wake

up to the reality of Awareness. Thank You for helping us

wake up to the reality of You.


We think of You as the common Source of all our ancestors.

The stronger our patience, determination, and practice of

remembering You, the greater is our power to clean and

rejuvenate our individual and universal environment.


Thank You for our present blessings. Surely they are within

us as well as all around us. Thank You for the ability to never

forget and always remember You by giving thanks. This

enables us to see and experience Your simple blessings in this

present moment.


Engaging in our spiritual practice of always thinking of You,

our consciousness is cleansed of anger, lust, and greed.

Consequently, we separate from the sin, suffering, and

wickedness of Maya. ThankYou for showing us how to let go

of all things that interfere with our efforts to always

think of You.


Thank You for advising us to always think of You. Thank

You for watching over us in so many ways, reminding us to

remain steadfast in our prayers and thanksgiving,

our concentrating, and meditating on You.


We think of You as within and beyond all degrees,

including three hundred and sixty, seven hundred and

twenty, and so on.


We concentrate on You as the Supreme Witness of

the comings and goings, of the biggest and the subtlest of the

Cosmic Manifestation, including the Infinite Stillness of