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Karma Yoga

Practice 12

Thank You Aum. Thank You Ra. Thank You Gye Nyame.

Thank You Aum. Thank You Ra. Thank You Gayatri.


By fixing our mind on You, through our service to You, we

are realizing a state of consciousness we had almost

completely forgotten. You are our Supreme being,

increasingly blissful, simply natural, within

and transcendental to all worlds. In fact, You are that

Supreme Awareness that is ever aware of Awareness



Thank You for teaching us how to think critically,

carefully, and independently. We are doing this in the light

increasingly unbiased research, observation, and

experience; remembering You is our greatest help in this effort.


Thank You for showing us how to lift ourselves from the

deepest conditions of ignorance, sufferings and slavery of

Maya by always thinking of You. We are experiencing the

fact that this spiritual practice is leading us to ever greater

benefits of freedom, security, prosperity, and peace.


It is this knowledge of Self, delivered by the spiritual

practice of seeing the Self as Awareness and always thinking

of You, that is delivering us back to our original position of

Eternal Bliss. Thank You for everything, just as it is. 


Thank You for reminding us that our real business is to think

about You, hear about You, and talk about You with

praise, thanksgiving, prayer, study, sacrifice, service, right

association, and meditation.


Most of all, thank You for teaching us how to always think of

You. This spiritual practice amplifies our mental, intellectual,

and spiritual abilities while we come back to consciousness of

You. Thank You for helping us become more attached to

You. Everything else is impermanent.


Because of our continued purification of consciousness and

awareness by by always thinking of You, our discernment is

continuously awakened and we see ever clearer. Thank You

for reminding us to always think of You.


The more we worship You, and You alone, through service to

You, the greater is our recovery from the sin-sick insanity

that forgetfulness of You causes. Our service to You to helps

us remember You, purify our consciousness and awareness, and be

done with the sufferings of the illusory worlds, Maya.


You pervade and transcend all words, sounds, vibrations,

states of being and the infinite, tranquil, silence of Now.

Thank You for showing us how to purify our consciousness of

negative instincts and emotions by offering all that we think,

feel, will, and do to You.


The ultimate goal of all our service to You is union with You,

The Omnipresent Enlightenment of Now. Thank You for

revealing to us how to relax and attain our original stability,

dignity, and self- respect, by calling out Your names and

serving You in all we do.


Thank You for showing us how to recognize You in all

beings. Thank You for helping us overcome ignorance of

Self. Thank You for helping us clean our consciousness and

thus bring the otherwise unruly, rascal mind, under our

control and thereby make it our Holy Friend.


Thank You for helping us see the Self as Consciousness or

Pure Energy looking out through the body from the sixth

Charka or center of the forehead at the Pineal Gland. 


Surrendering all our activities to You means working for

You and becoming completely absorbed in You. As we are

absorbed in You, time, space, all selfish concerns, and

sufferings are left behind in the ocean of birth, death, and



Thank You for showing us how to recognize, communicate

through, and meditate on Silence. Thank You for helping us

to never forget and always remember You. All of our praise

and thanksgiving is our humble surrender to You alone.


Fixing our consciousness on You in the above mention

way empowers and sobers us up to You, who are beyond

birth, death, rebirth, fear and doubt. You are

definitely eternal existence, knowledge and bliss, the Most



We think of You, we concentrate on You, we meditate on You

as the Supreme Pure, the Greatest Witness, and the Source of

all consciousness. Thank You for teaching us how to ward off

and keep our consciousness free of negative and evil thoughts

by remembering You.  


Thank You for teaching us how to keep edifying, positive

and Divine thoughts in our consciousness. We are doing

this by thinking about, concentrating on, and meditating on

You as the Source and Awareness of all Divinity.


In this meditation practice, although the means and

the end seem to be synonymous, Silence is a means to go

beyond Silence to You, the Supreme Absolute Awareness,

beyond Silence, definitions, and descriptions.