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Karma Yoga

Offering 9

Thank You Aum. Thank You Bha. Thank You Gye Nyame.

Thank You Aum. Thank You Bha. Thank You Gayatri.


Offering all to You, we are associating 

with You and awakening into greater 

alignment with You, we are knowing, 

from experience, that we are

 increasingly supported by Your

 Omniscient,  Omnipotent 



We offer to You, the source, our 

   origin, the boundless transcendental

 love that is pervading and 

transcending all energy, vibration, 

and frequency, no matter how vast

 or minuscule.


Thank You for helping us to fix our

 intelligence on You, realize You, and 

live in Your Most Compassionate

loving presence again.


In Fixing our intelligence on You, the

 Most Enlightened, ignorance of Self is

dissolved.  This happens because Your 

  association cleanses our consciousness,

 awareness, and intelligence of cleansed 

of lust anger, and greed.


The more our consciousness, awareness,

 and intelligence are cleansed and 

purified, due to Your association, the 

less we make bad Karma for ourselves.


Our Karma, bad or good, is our own

 doing.  Others, whether they be

 persons, places, or things, are only 

instruments through which our own

 doings return to us.


Through offering all to You, we not

 only gain Your association and are

 purified, we transcend Karma, good

   or bad. Moreover, our spiritual

     memory is restored, and our way is

 made clearer, easier.


We offer to You, and remember You,

 as Supreme Divinity, the Light of the 

material and spiritual worlds. Thank

You for Your association. 


The greater our association with You,

  the more we awaken to conscious union

 with You, as our God, within and 

     beyond Divine  Intelligence, Awareness, 

and Consciousness.


Thank You, God,  beyond Divine 

Intelligence, Supreme Power, for teaching 

us how to worship You in all we think, feel, 

will, say and do. We do this by offering all

 to You


Offering all to You helps us to be 

totally, consciously, in the moment. 

 We are performing our tasks more 

efficiently with ever greater love

as we offer to You and reawaken to 

Your Eternal Loving Omniscience.


Outside of time, space, and thoughts, 

You are within and beyond them.  

Beyond knower, knowledge, and known, 

You are God;  Ecstatic, mostly 

indescribable, vibratory Bliss.  


We offer to You also as Allah

Because of our humble intelligence, 

past good Karma, Your Grace, and 

our striving to remember You.  We are

 doing this by calling Your Name

and offering You everything.  As  

result, we have been blessed with a small,

 yet unforgettable experience of union 

with Your Infinite, Majestic, 

Vibratory Opulence.


.Our Original Intelligence is sharp, clear, 

and simple, in quality one with You. The

 closer we are in union with You, the

 more we have the intelligence to avail 

ourselves to Your Omnipresent help. 


Your Intelligence is always with us, 

flowing from Your Bliss-filled Infinity, 

 through our Pineal gland, and radiating

throughout our intelligence, awareness,

 and consciousness. 


Your Intelligence is Omnipresent, and

 Eternal, always with us. In fact, You are

 the Source of the power of the radiant

essence of our intelligence.


Purification of our consciousness, 

awareness, and intelligence occur as we

 associate with You through our offerings.

 Our offerings to You purify us of 

ignorance of Self.  That ignorance is the

root cause of our being overwhelmed

 and often conquered by lust.  


It is Lust which agitates, intoxicates, and

 further enslaves the lower consciousness,

 awareness, and intelligence in ignorance

 of Self.  Remembering You, we gain the

 power to overcome the silliness of the 

lower self, while transcending Karma 

and settling into the Infinite 

Tranquillity of You.