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Karma Yoga

Offering 8

Thank You Aum. Thank You Bha. Thank You Gye Nyame.

Thank You Aum. Thank You Bha. Thank You Gayatri.


 Always thinking of You consists of 

 hearing about You,  speaking about You,

 remembering You, and offering all to 

You. We are submitting the suffering, 

joys, and  ploys we experience in 

Maya to You.  


While pervading all, You are

 transcending all, including the

 knower, knowledge, and known.

  Bigger than the biggest, You are 

Smaller than the smallest. Othe

   great,  You are the Greatest, and we 

 offer to You as such. 


We can remember You by offering You our

outgoing and incoming breaths, no matter

where we are. We can begin our spiritual

practice by chanting Your Holy Names,

or by using this breathing technique.


As we progress in offering each breath to 

You, we see that the breaths become easier, 

with longer pauses between them. We offer 

these pauses to You with our love and 



We know You as the Omniscient One,

 the Source of all thoughts.  By offering 

all to You, we are associating with You.

This cleanses and liberates us into our 

original position beyond Divine

 Intelligence, Allah, which 

transcends the dualities of masculine,

 feminine, and any kind of material 



Our faith in You and ourselves is based 

on our research, observation, experience. 

and deliberation.  Thus, we engage in 

Your transcendental Loving Service by

 offering all to You.  In this way, we 

are waking up, remembering You, and

 reuniting consciously with You.


These are offerings to You, our 

God, and to no one else. In the

 most recent analysis, we see You as 

beyond knower, knowledge, and 

known.  You are within and beyond

   them, everyone, and everything else.


We know from research, experience, 

and contemplation, Your Perfect Peace 

and Love are always present in our lives, 

  everywhere.  Always here, they cannot 

be made.  


We are increasingly aware of Your 

Omnipresent Omniscience. Therefore, 

by Your Grace and our good Karma,  

we are purifying our lower Being: 

consciousness, awareness, and 

intelligence, by remembering You.


To remember You, we offer to You and

 thereby associate with You.  This is our

 purification process As we do this, all

we think, feel, will, say, and do, is in 

 harmony with Your loving kindness

and Your Perfect Peace.


Always thinking of You by offering all 

to You, and calling Your name is 

definitely helping us.  This spiritual

 practice is purifying and aligning us 

with Your Perfect Peace; allowing us to 

gradually reenter Your Most Divine 



Thank You for teaching us how to do 

everything as an offering to You. This

 helps us in our efforts to always think of 

You. In this way we mold our lives such 

as to awaken ever closer with You.


While pervading all, You transcend all. 

Bigger than the biggest, You are smaller 

than the smallest.  Of the great loves, 

You are the Greatest Love.  You are the 

All Attractiveness which pervades and 

transcends the consciousness, awareness,

and intelligence of all sentient beings.


We offer to You as the Source of all. 

You are the Omnipresent Eye of all eyes 

and the Ultimate hearer, the ear of all 

ears.  You are the Eternal Supreme, 

beyond sleeping, dreaming, deep sleep 

and transcendental consciousness.  


We offer to You as this Supreme One,

the Source of all of thought. You know

what we are going to think before we

think it and what we are going to say

before we say it. You are pervading and

transcending all images, names, 

personalities, and actions.


Offering to You and remembering You, we are

transforming our lives. We are experiencing the

reality that the Self does not begin nor end with

the ego, senses, consciousness, awareness, or

intelligence.  All phenomena is satiated and 

surpassed by You. 


We offer to You as the source of the 

 energy flowing through the Pineal gland

 from the Light of Divine Intelligence.

 The more we are purified by offering all

  to You, the easier this energy permeates 

and flows through our intelligence,

awareness, and consciousness.


You are situated within and beyond all 

levels of consciousness, awareness, and

 intelligence. We are able to have 

association with You as the three are

 purified via Your association.