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Karma Yoga

Offering 7

Thank You Aum. Thank You Bha. Thank You Gye Nyame.

Thank You Aum. Thank You Bha. Thank You Gayatri.


To begin experiencing who we really are 

our spiritual practice consist of always

 thinking of  You.  Gradually, awakening 

to the fact that You are the Most High 

and our own Supreme Being, we become 

devoted to You.


Always thinking of You includes 

hearing about You, speaking about You, 

remembering You, offering all to You, 

worshiping You, and eventually 

meditating on You as our Light of 

Divine  Intelligence.


We offer to You as this Eternal Light of

Divine Intelligence within all. You are

enveloping, infusing, and transcending

all consciousness, awareness, and

intelligence simultaneously.  


By constantly offering to You we are 

realizing the ephemeral nature of 

material  things, and the frivolousness of

 chasing after them.  Simultaneously, we

are awakening to the beauty of Your 

Omnipresence, Omnipotence, and 

Omniscience in our  lives.


By offering all to You, our consciousness,

 awareness, and intelligence are 

returning to their original alignment,

union withYou. 


These ancient and proven spiritual

practices form our process of associating

with You.  They help us think of You, 

associate with You, remember You, and 

eventually unite consciously with You.


We are offering our outgoing and

incoming breaths to You.  During the 

pause between the breaths, we offer the

 pause to You.  No matter where we are

 or what we are doing, we can offer to



     As we progress in this meditation 

    practice of offering each breath to You,

       we gradually see that the breaths become 

longer, with longer pauses.  We see

 these pauses and offer them to You.

 We meditate on You as the knower of

    the breathing and the pauses between 



Our meditation practice on You as the

Eternal Light of Divine Intelligence can

be enhanced using the aforementioned 

methods. We know from research and 

experience that this  works.



We have been meditating on You and

seeing the Self as Pure Energy, Spirit, the

Eternal Light of Divine Intelligence.  We

know from our experience, we are being

remade, born again, outside of the

worlds of illusion.


We know from research, observation,

experience, and reflection, we really are

Spiritual Beings having experiences as

human beings. These Spiritual realms

can be experience here, now, in this

present moment.


Because of misidentifying the Self to be

material, we are only experiencing, for the

most part, the temporary material world.

The business now is to get deeper into the

spiritual realm. We are doing this,

primarily, by always offering to You,

thereby associating with You.


As a result of offering all to You and

thereby associating with You, we are 

aligning with You.  Because of this, 

we are thinking, feeling, willing, and 

doing in a more self-confident, 

self-respecting, self-constructing, and

 productive way.


Our Original Nature is manifesting Itself

 as inner joy and contentment, and unselfish

 compassion for other sentient beings, 

Moreover, we are increasingly in constant

 companionship with Your eternal 

tranquillity, the Silence, that pervades 

and surrounds us.


Thank You for being the Most Positive

influence in our lives.  Like the tranquil 

Moon on a cloudless night, without orally

saying a word, You are teaching us how to

 be in the world but not of it, giving our

     greatest teachings through the Silence.


Our offerings are provided to help us 

   remember You.  We began this offering 

process to as one of the tools to help us 

  remember You.  The whole spiritual 

  practice consists of the tools of prayer, 

     study, sacrifice,  service, right association, 

and meditation. 


Via this spiritual practice, we change the

 productions of our life. The life we produce

 is the result of our own doings, our Karma.

The more our consciousness, awareness, and

 intelligence are purified as a consequence of 

     Your association, the more we produce positive 

or edifying Karma.


We better manage our Karma in the light

 of Your association.  Our consciousness, 

awareness, and intelligence are better

 guided, and we enlighten them with Your

   help.  We begin gaining this help by always

       thinking of You.  Through this spiritual  

    practice, we gradually reawaken to union 

 with You.  This is all the help we need 

and really want.